CM Right After AF Has Ended

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Carla - March 29

I was under the impression that right after AF has ended there should be zero CM. Am I right? AF ended for me 3 days ago and I am having a ton of opaque somewhat slimy CM. Shouldn't I be totally dry with my cerix still down low? Thanks for answering.


louise - March 29

well it depends how long your AF is. the body starts to lubricate after 10 days from the start of your last period to get ready for ovulation on the 14th day so if you have a long AF you can have CM a few days after it ends


Carla - March 29

Thanks for responding, Louise. It was a very short period. Only 3 1/2 days and very light. I had a blood test done on the day I started AF because I'd been having preggo symptoms, but it came back negative. Now I'm experiencing this and a LOT of uterian tightening. So, I don't know what to think.


lindsey - March 29

I believe after af you should start getting your cm back. It should be sticky at first, then closer to o it should be eggwhite, watery. Have you thought about charting on I started charting and I can't believe how messed up I thought my periods were. I though I ovulated later in cycles, like cd 20-35. but, found out, I'm ovulating a few days to a week after af. You should give it a try. You should be somewhat dry the week leading up to af, unless you were pregnant, then it wouldn't stop or it would be more than normal. Every woman is different..As for your cervix, I can't answer that question. I'm sure there is someone else who can help you. I hope I've helped some, like I said everyone is different, some have cm leading right up to af as I do, but anyways, good luck to you.


lindsey - March 29

Carla, I just read you post to Louise. Is your period always light and last 3 days? Sometimes, when you are pregnant you may get a light period, so if you had blood work done, you may have done it too early..have you taken a hpt? Talk to you soon.


LOUISE - March 29

if you had implantation bleeding blood works wouldnt show up necessarily until after you finished implanting and bleeding. try a hpt in a week


layla - March 29

I wouldn't go by cm to much in this case it varies with alot of women but I think your cp should still be low. Keep in mind that not all blood tests are correct in determining pregnancy just hcg hormone and we hear of lots of women with neg blood test who are pregnant. However, you could be OV early like lindsey suggests.


Carla - March 29

Thanks so much everyone. I've wondered if it could possibly be IB I had instead of AF. My AF is normally 5-7 days very heavy and this last one was totally different. For a day it was semi-normal, then basically spotting for the rest of it. Not like me at all. I think I'm going to take a test this weekend. Thanks again ladies!


stacey - March 29

I just read about that last night. It was something like you could have extra estrogen in your system. Sorry, I was trying to look where I read it, but atleast you know it is not only you that has it. If I come across it again, I'll let you know.



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