Cm Versus No Cm

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Rhonda - June 16

I am curious if any of you ladies,really dont ever have any cm?I notice it once in a blue moon but even when i ovulate i just dont notice any cm.I know i ovulate but i mainly hear you all talking about cm being present all throughout the month.Im wondering if any of you are the same as me?Ihope this makes sense.thank you all for any info you can offer.


Lin - June 16

I used to almost never have cm, including at ovulation time, but the longer I go off birth control (8 months now), the more normal it seems to be. If you want to increase your cm, try drinking grapefruit juice around ovulation time. I think eating carrots helps, too.


Rhonda - June 17

Well i have only been on bcp once and that has been probably 3yrs ago.I have not had problems conceiving b/c i have four kids and did have 3 m/c.And my opk's show i O've,but i just dont understand why i have almost to nothing in cm?I cant stand grapefruit juice,it tastes so nasty,anything else i can use?


AmaSmith - June 17

Rhonda ... I agree grapefruit juice tastes nasty. What I've been doing is getting a gla__s of it and taking a sip then wait a little while and take another sip. The first gla__s I had took me about 3 hours to drink, just sipping. The next took maybe 2 hours. It gets easier. This mornings gla__s might have taken 30 minutes. I'm not sure how it is doing with the CM bacause I haven't ovulated yet.


Rhonda - June 17

Well how much grapefruit juice should be drinked total?Do you notice a change in cm right away?And how close to ovulation do you start to drink it?And lastly how many days do you need to drink it?


JessicaC - June 17

If you eat a grapefruit with honey or sugar on top it should taste better than plain grapefruit juice. I'm jealous that you have no cm! I've seemed to have an abundance ever since puberty! I guess there is always something that we wish was different though.*good luck*


Rhonda - June 18

Ya well,I just wish i could understand this c___p about cm.I wonder if anyone else has almost none at all.I will try grapefruit juice and evening primrose oil.


slowpoke01 - June 19

rhonda i have read about alot of women taking Robitussin before ovulation to improve c/m and also using preseed i myself have enough and dont need to try it but i have heard alot of people brag about how it has helped them go to the trying to conceive forum and post about how to improve c/m and they will anser you about what they do one woman actually said something about using real egg whites but i dont know i have never tried any of it but it would be worth a shot to get their opinions


slowpoke01 - June 19

sry i meant the infertility forum and click on infertility forum and on problems getting pregnant sorry about that


Rhonda - June 19

slowpoke01 thank you,you have been very helpful to me.



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