Coincidence This Sucks

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MG - April 5

This monthly roller coaster is driving me nuts. Why is it that since dh and I started ttc, my AF is always late? I understand 1 or 2 days late, but 8 or 11? That's what my cycle's been like since december, and I'm usually 28 days, same day, same minute every month. I feel like someone's playing a cruel joke on me. I just got AF, and I'm 6 days late this month. I bet if I stop ttc, I'll go back to 28 days. I don't know what to do. This past year is starting to catch up to me. We really want another baby (we have 1), but getting my hopes up every month, just to be crushed over and over again, is unbearable. Sorry. Needed to vent. Maybe somebody can tell me why my body says "pregnant", for days on end, but AF shows up anyway. Coincidence?


Hanna - April 5

Hi, I'm sorry this happens to you all the time. I have a theory for you: is it possible that you actually were pregnant, but miscarried? Apparently this happens quite often and many women then think that their af is just late. Perhaps it could also be stress? I hope I have helped you with my answer. Good luck to you!


~ka~ - April 5

hanna so you think MG has miscarried every month since dec?? no-MG i would say its down to stress of ttc why its been late.good luck.


jena - April 5

i would bet stress, too... however, I have read that every 1 of 4 periods (when having unprotected s_x) is an early miscarrige... so don't stress and just start expecting your period later. good lucK!!


J - April 5

I know how u feel!! my period is always the same...This month i was 2 days late and very happy i went today for my physical and my doctor said he would give me a blood test to see if i was pregnant since i was late!! and then he gave me a pelvic and seen blood comming from the cervix and there was AF!!!!! So im very down because i was sure i was =(


MG - April 5

I don't think stress can make me have all the symptoms, but maybe my subconscience can! We're gonna keep trying for another month or so, but if that fails again, we'll just be grateful that we already have a healthy boy (he's 3). I really hope that one day I can post a message t_tled "BFP", so until then I'll keep reading and praying for all that bd'ing to pay off.


mulgajill - April 5

Funny, my af is never late except when i have been ttc'ing... last month i checked it out with a blood test on my af due day, as i did NOT believe my preg symptons were 'imagninary' result ... low hcg levels... af came four days late... so it wasn't 'lateness' but chemical pregnancy as in where conception happened but didn't stick... it is VERY common and could be what is happening to you. I am now on the progesterone, but this is because i am in the 'older' age group and think this may have something to do with it... if you are younger it is more likely just luck of the draw and you will get pregnant soon enough....


stacey - April 5

Good answer Mulgajill!!! That seems like a good possibility. MG- do you have a dr that you can ask? Maybe they can get you on something too.


MG - April 6

My doctor says nothing's wrong with me, but the chemical pregnancy situation sounds right. Mulgajill, I'm also part of the "older" age group (I'm 39, pushing 40 in a few months), so I guess I have to realize that my fertility "ain't what it used to be". Thanks for your input though. I like your explanation, and it gives me hope that pregnancy isn't too far away. Maybe next month, it'll "stick".



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