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"Concerned" - November 11

Has anyone caught a cold just out of the blue, warmth all over the body, a little sick to the stomach and off and on sharp(like electricuting) pain in the br___t/nipple area and found out they were in fact preggers? I'd really like to know because I haven't taken a test to find out for sure. Anybody?? Thanks.


To Concerned - November 11

I'm experiencing similar symptoms. Just a few days ago I had strange brown slight pink dishcharge on underwear and when I wiped. AF isn't due for another couple of weeks or so. I don't understand what it was. And now yes, I'm also experiencing flu like symptoms and have had shooting pain in my nipple area. I have no other pregnancy symptoms and have never been pregnant before so I really don't know what to think. AF isn't due so it would be too early to test. Has anyone experienced what "concerned" and I are going through this early on? Any input would be very helpful. Thank you.


Jamie - November 11

I too have been feeling the same way. I am only 5dpo but I the tender nipples along with flu like symptoms. My legs and back ache and my stomach is off. I have a ton of cm, more than I usually have at this time in my cycle. I don' t know what to make of all of this either.


J. - November 11

When you ladies say you experience sharp pain in the nipples, is it constant or does it come and go? Mine just comes and goes along with off and on pain below my pelvis at the top of my thighs....strange. Like Jamie, I too don't know what to make of it.....too early to test for me too. I'm not sure when I should o because the last few months have been consistent, but last month af showed 4 days late. So, should I consider o 4 days later as well? Help anyone, I would really like to know as I've been ttc for the last 3 or 4 months......oh yeah, and I just recently started using evening primrose oil(about 2 weeks now).


Yvonne - November 12

I'm now 15 days late, had sore bbs, nausea, constantly hungry & extremley tired. And this morning i've woken up with a stinking cold!! Usually get some sort of warning that i'm coming down with a cold but none! Tested on Monday & BFN, waiting to test again this weekend. Good luck & baby dust to you all!!


AShely - November 12

I just found out that I am preggers. I did come down with a cold a couple days before-sinus and nose and head stuffiness. I don't know if one has to do with the other. My mil told me that for both of her kids she was stuffed up for 9 mo. for both kids. Good Luck!!


"Concerned" - November 12

Thanks. I'm hoping this is my month.


J. - November 15

For those of you who have experienced this "cold" prior to finding out you were in fact pregnant, how early did you catch this and what other symptoms did you experience? Thanks.


Amy - November 20

I have flu like symptoms too but it is hard to tell considering the weather has been cold where I live (highs 45).



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