Cold Flu Symptoms After Concieving

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Elisabeth S - July 14

I have heard that a few days or week or so after concieving many women all of the sudden feel like they have a cold--sneezing, coughing, congestion, etc etc. The body thinks the new fertilizd embryo is a bug or pathogen and gets sick. I know both times I concieved I got sick with what I thought was a cold about 5 days later...which happened to me again this past week. I'm wondering if this is a coincidence or if I am pregnant again. Has this ever happened to anyone else? My mom told me about this....


Grandpa Viv - July 14

The pregnancy hormones make your mucus membranes produce more fluid. You can have watery eyes, runny nose, more saliva, lotion discharge etc. Good luck!


Kair_free2 - July 14

I have heard people talk about mild cold symptoms in relation with early pregnancy, like a stuffy nose or something. Does anyone think a mild to moderate sore throat could have any connection or am I reaching too far? lol.


wyssa - July 14

I am trying to concieve and recently I have also had runny-nose, itchy throat, sneezing & coughing also. I have read on other pregnancy websites that in some cases these are early symptoms within the first weak and so on . Its to early to tell for me but I'll let you know in about a week if these were my symptoms. The only way to find out for sure is to test. Goodluck on your outcome =-)


Elisabeth S - July 14

Thanks guys...was wondering if that was a myth or real...and for Kair Fair- I had a sore throat too when I really was pregnant...about 5-7 days after conception... And Wysa---I have had the WORST itchy throat! weird! it wakes me up in the middle of the night and water doesn't help. I don't know how I could be pregnant...I have a paraguard IUD....but I really feel that I am and have that "I just know" feeling. And I am seeing tons of women pregnant with an IUD. My period is not due for another 5 days so I can't test. I was just wondering any of you experienced a weird sickness after concieving. This pregnancy is not planned and I have an IUD for a reason...but for some reason I kinda want it....


jennifer_33106 - July 15

I didnt have any cold symptoms before my BFP at all but Krissy2006 had a sore throat! And also the most common list of pregnancy signs are not the only ones you can get. With me S_x really hurt, like DH was too big, uh I wanna say laceyandsamsmomma had a yeast infection and that clued her in. I think honestly that you know your body best and girl if you are feling different then hey maybe just maybe you are. Take a test and let us know how it goes. GL!!


krissy2006 - July 15

Yep, Jenn said it. My sinus's were swollen a few days leading up to my BFP along with a runny/stuffy nose but most of all my throat HURT LIKE HELL. I swore I was getting a case of laryngitis, but within a couple more days it had just up and disappeared. :) I think cold/flu symptoms are definitely a good early sign.


Elisabeth S - July 15

Thank you for responding.... Are you guys incredibly fatigued? I have never been so tired in my life.....I don't see how I could be preggo with an IUD but I just feel it. And I'm not even trying to get pregnant! I just feel it.....I have so many symptoms. Still too early...I could test on Thurs or Friday I think...whats happening with you guys? One thing-I am so bloated I freakin look pregnant lol trying to suck in all day...anyone else super bloated? I don't ever get this bad before my period...and I fall asleep everywhere and take naps now every day...nausea..runny nose...tickely throat...headaches...getting extremely hunger though my appet_te is low...what else! Update me on you guys!


Elisabeth S - July 15

oh and dizziness....anyone feel like they are on a boat? I don't have balance and am dizzy a lot..... think it is time for a nap


wyssa - July 15

Well, lately besides the runny-nose and itchy throat. I have been extremely extremely did I mention extremely tired. I find myself drifting off just sitting in a chair and I also have been taking naps the last couple of days and still being tired after them. So I wonder whats in store for me. Althought I havent had any of the cramping that I have been experiencing the last couple of days but this morning I had a diffrent kind of cramp in a lower than normal cramp area i guess i could say. And its not normal for me to have cramp even when AF is just around the corner. Im going to test either on Thursday or Friday depending if AF comes or not. Have you have anymore symptoms keep us posted. =-)


Elisabeth S - July 15

yeah wyssa I have been having cramping in my lower abdomen and then sometimes around my belly b___ton and I don't usually cramp before my period either. I actually just got up from a nap because I fell asleep sitting in front of the computer . Ha! Fell asleep sitting straight up in my chair! and I keep feeling so I am going to pa__s out or something. It seems like we have similar symptoms. I think I will test on friday...that is when my period is due. I took those "5 day early" test for my last pregnancy and it didn't come out positive till I actually missed my period so... well...we are either pregnant or something is wrong with us! talk to you soon...I am testing thursday or friday too!


Elisabeth S - July 15

Oh! And the hot flashes...keep forgetting things! I have been really hot...really hot....but I don't have a fever. Bad enough though that when my bf felt my forehead last night he was surprised.....weird


Nichola-Jane - July 16

Hi. I'm 6/7 dpo today - and I have woke up with with a really itchy sore throat. I have been drinking lots of water - but still feels dry and itchy. I didnt think this could be a sign - cause I thought it was to early to experience any of this until im late - thank god for this website - it really clues you up. In all the books - it says 2 weeks after conception - and I thought I was mad thinking - hey i'm 6dpo and feeling sympsoms. I thought for sure I was pregnant last month (more cm - right up until AF in fact - spots - cramps) but these really flu like symptoms were not here last month - so I'm hoping its a good sign. What would I do without you ladies. I dont write many posts - but I do read them - and it makes me feel a lot more settled to read about you all having the symptoms. xx


Mel Page - July 16

Hay Elisabeth, I'm currently 7 weeks preggo's and def thought I was getting sick bigtime, before I tested and got my bfp, I remember still thinking that it wouldn't be good if I did conceive for the little bean if mommy was getting sick now. I was sick with only a sore throat and a runny nose for about 5 days, then misteriously woke up one morning and it all was gone!!! I truelly hope this is it for you again, good luck babe and PLEASE keep us posted :-))


lala7 - July 16

I also had stuffy nose and sore throat (it was really bad for one day in particular) and yes, I felt dizzy and off balance. So strange - I never knew they were symptoms either! Good luck!


Elisabeth S - July 16

I remember reading some women that said they had sore teeth before they found out....woke up and my front teeth hurt....this is insane...there is no way....I just can't ignore these symptoms.....anyone know about sore teeth? Thanks for the other responses guys...and Nichola-I am new and find reading these posts really help...I am glad this helped you! Good luck! I am about 10 dpo.....we will see....I will be shocked if I am...but i have gotten pregnant on birth control before so who knows...


wyssa - July 17

You know ,now that you mention the sore teeth if i remember right it was about two days ago I woke up and the top 4 front teeth were sore but i figured it was because i probably slept with my mouth open and my mouth was just dry. But interesting I didnt even think of that. But I have had hot flashes every now and then and the dizzy nausea comes with them. The throat is not so itchy anymore usually just in the mornings like crazy. Nose is still runny not as constat but deffinetly runny. Cramping is every now and then during the day but at night for some reason I notice it more it keeps me up or wakes me up because im not comfortable. Still extremely tired, probably tmi but immediatly after I had s_x today I felt like AF was here 3-4 days early i mentioned it to my bf and he said yeah it felt like it. Went and checked and nothing it was kinda strange. An then after the s_x all i wanted to do was sleep i was so tired it liked sucked the energy right out of me, and thats not normal for me. Im getting eager to know whats wrong with us if not pregnant then what? Also, for some reason i have been very protective about my stomach like when the dogs come and jump on me i'll make sure they dont jump on my stomach just and odd instinct i've been experiencing. So tell me about you and how you've been and new weird symptoms. You know im glad someone else is also experiencing the same symptoms as me otherwise i wouldnt know who else to talk to about them the bf doesnt understand lol.



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