Cold Flu Symptoms After Concieving

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wyssa - July 17

You know ,now that you mention the sore teeth if i remember right it was about two days ago I woke up and the top 4 front teeth were sore but i figured it was because i probably slept with my mouth open and my mouth was just dry. But interesting I didnt even think of that. But I have had hot flashes every now and then and the dizzy nausea comes with them. The throat is not so itchy anymore usually just in the mornings like crazy. Nose is still runny not as constat but deffinetly runny. Cramping is every now and then during the day but at night for some reason I notice it more it keeps me up or wakes me up because im not comfortable. Still extremely tired, probably tmi but immediatly after I had s_x today I felt like AF was here 3-4 days early i mentioned it to my bf and he said yeah it felt like it. Went and checked and nothing it was kinda strange. An then after the s_x all i wanted to do was sleep i was so tired it liked sucked the energy right out of me, and thats not normal for me. Im getting eager to know whats wrong with us if not pregnant then what? Also, for some reason i have been very protective about my stomach like when the dogs come and jump on me i'll make sure they dont jump on my stomach just and odd instinct i've been experiencing. So tell me about you and how you've been and new weird symptoms. You know im glad someone else is also experiencing the same symptoms as me otherwise i wouldnt know who else to talk to about them the bf doesnt understand lol.


lala7 - July 17

Elisabeth I actually did have sore teeth around the same time I had the sore throat and about a week before I got my BFP after being 2 days late. I remember saying one day that I felt I had more wisdom teeth coming through even though they're all gone, and the next day another tooth hurt. Strange symptoms but true!!!


Nichola-Jane - July 17

Hello again. My sore throat has gone today - but I have - well - its strange - I normally either have (with flu) a blocked nose or a runny nose - but today my nose feels runny - but its also blocked. I didn't sleep at all last night - kept waking up with a dry mouth because I couldn't breathe through nose. I do also remember dreaming about being pregnant - but not sure if this is a sign - or just the fact that its all I think about! DH to b is getting so fed up with me - he says im reading to much into things, and it could simply be a common cold / flu that i'm experiencing. I want to listen to him, because I dont want to get my hopes up, and feel so low if AF shows her ugly face, but I also want to feel happy that these may just be pregnancy signs! Fingers crossed, and good luck with tons of babydust to you all xx


Guest1000 - July 17

Hi all, I am new to this thread and hope you don't mind me posting. I think I may be pregnant (have had a very faint possible positive hpt, although it could have been an evap line, another story) but yesterday I started to feel like I was coming down with a bad cold, I have a very runny nose and sore throat that seems to be from the discharge running down my throat (very sorry if this is TMI) that how this feels to any of you? Thank you so much for any answers!


kelbabe - July 17

guest 1000......a faint positive is a positive. your hormone levels aren't high enough to give a dark positive just yet. but you are preggers. congrats xx


Guest1000 - July 17

Kelbabe--Thanks for the response! Fingers crossed but I am pretty unsure (I hate the Clearblue helpline now!) I have posted what happened under the Pregnancy Tests forum, under Very confusing clearblue, maybe you could take a look if you have a chance? Thanks again! Sorry to be posting in the wrong thread now!


kelbabe - July 17

gueat 1000, will take a look, xx


Elisabeth S - July 17

I am pregnant! I got a BFP this morning 4 days before my missed period. I am so scared you guys...I have an IUD which is going to complicate things and my mom had a cow when I told her...I am almost 24 and in Grad-School and live off of student loans. and she is telling me I am going to ruin my life etc etc and I can't afford it . But I am taking it as a sign that I got pregnant with a 99.5% effective IUD and I am still pregnant. I had an abortion a few months ago....I seem to be very fertile and birth control doesn't seem to work! I had just broken my back so I didn't see how I could continue with a pregnancy. My mom is making me crazy.....atleast my BF's parents are being supportive...we have been together a while and live together..I just hope everything goes ok with the all those symptoms you guys are having probably mean you are pregnant! Cuz I am and thats how I felt! Congrats to you guys! One front tooth is still sore b___bs but they feel bigger...and all my old symptoms I already posted... You guys I am so scared....Have no money..need to finish grad school....and a vertebrae in my back is still am going to be positive and know everything will work out


lovelylady - July 17

this is the first time ive heard of this one. i think i might be pregnant and about a week ago i thought i had a cold that lasted a few days. pregnant maybe? :) this is kinda weird! hehe


wyssa - July 17

Everything will be okay, everything happens for a reason. Im also very young im going to the store right now to get a test because we've had the same symptoms so im running to the store. I'll let you know how it goes when i get back. its only 2 days before af so im going to give it a shot. I hope everything goes well and if you need to vent im here to talk to ya. Alyssa


kf904 - November 9

Hi, I'm new here. Found myself googling symptoms because I have a few of the same things mentioned already.
Wow, it didn't even occur to me that being pregnant was a possibility with the symptoms I'm having - no matter how small they seem.

I also caught a bad cold after ovulation - a week or so later. Chest congestion, wheezing/cough, stuffy/runny nose, headaches EVERY day upon waking up. The first day of the cold I had a sore, raw, scratchy throat and then it went away and progressed into the congestion, etc. Co-workers were sick too and I felt stressed out so of course my immune system would be compromised right?. Yet there's more to make me think otherwise now...
Bf and I had sex before ovulation I believe - we aren't "trying" but it's unprotected and he's always careful. We have talked about a baby but we are not quite ready financially, although ready in every other way and been together for 2 years.
Anyway, more symptoms:
Frequent urination, like a lot... I never pee this much! And im not intaking more fluids than normally - more now since I'm sick obviously (soup, tea,etc) but it really amounts to the same as I would consume on a regular basis anyway. 
I've had bouts of dizziness as well, even though I'm not overexerting myself and still eating balanced meals. 
I've had a few hot "flashes" it feels like - no fever, just really hot, from the inside (like a furnace).
Sore teeth! - I never have sore teeth, and its only the upper left side bothering me for a few days now.
Metallic/Sulphur-like taste in my mouth, off and on. 
I haven't taken the time to exam the rest of my body for anything else yet - changes in breasts, etc. The "girls" are big to begin with and feel even more huge lately. (I only feel like that when my period is really close (2-3 days prior) - and I'm still maybe a week or more away from getting it)
Just makes me think... Plus my Mom just told me she had a dream the other night that I had a baby, she could actually see the baby, she said she was babysitting lol.

Do I just wait and see if I start feeling better?, wait til the period comes - or doesn't? Or test now?
- I caught the cold Wed evening and its the 5th day since and I still don't feel any better, like it's taking it's damn time leaving my body! I've been taking a cough suppressant/expectorant, extra vitamins and ibuprofen for the headaches.
Is any of that really damaging if there's a lil peanut in there?

Any and all thoughts are appreciated. I don't want to get all paranoid - but this is pretty weird! 


Grandpa Viv - November 10

kf, it sounds like you caught the office cold and compounded it with early pregnancy signs. The sore teeth may be telling a story, let me explain. Blood vessels enlarge in early pregnancy as they reach out to connect to the embryo. Are you seeing a healthy flush to the cheeks, more prominent veins on breasts and flanks, and a purplish tinge in the vagina. You may have some gingivitis in the gums with blood vessels exposed, giving the sensitivity you describe. You need to get your teeth professionally cleaned.

I don't think the meds you are taking are a problem but you can google each to find out. Pre-natal vitamins are good as they contain extra folate to minimize the chance of birth defects. Run a home pregnancy test when your period is late or light.


kf904 - November 11

Thanks for the quick reply Grandpa Viv. 
I am actually flushed in the cheeks a little, I have no changes in the vaginal area. The veins in my breasts are pretty prominent anyway, I don't think I would notice that particular change/symptom. 

Nothing else yet that would be really telling. Just the teeth - had pain on upper left side for a few days, it has now since moved to the right upper side. 
I will wait until period is due and then run a test if necessary, either way I appreciate the info here and wish everyone the best!


Jade2313 - May 15

Hey guys. I was hoping you could help me. I just got off the nexplanon implant on April 27. I've been having sex wanting to get pregnant. I had sex on April 30 May 8, 12, and 14. Sorry for the tmi. And just a couple of days ago i started getting soar throat and stuffy runny nose. Idk if its because of the change in wheather or what. But when i take a hot shower everything goes away. But when i get out it all comes back. Did any of you experience this when you became pregnant or is it just a cold/flu? Also i have irregular cycles so idk when to take a pregnancy test.


Grandpa Viv - May 16

Good luck with your quest. Here are some of the more frquent early pregnancy signs - unusual fatigue, more frrequent peeing, lotion discharge, appetite and smell changes, emotional, veins on breasts and flanks more visible.


Libertylove - September 18

I'm only 15 I'll be 16 in 3 months and I had Sex   September 9th , 2016 and I had got brownish light spotting that turned into light pink September 17th ,2016 5 days before my period . I told my mom she said it's normal but I never had it . My period is suppose to be here September 22.2016 . And as of today September 18 ,2016 Im bleeding on and off . Sore /itchy throat , running nose , sneezing , back pains , cramps lower abdominal area , head aches . Could it be implantation ?



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