Cold Like Symptoms Who Has Had This And A BFP

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* - March 4

I've read that some people who that they had a cold (stuffy nose, slight congestion) have turned out pregnant. Is this common?


tiffani - March 4

I have had a stuffy/dry nose for a few weeks now and found out i'm pregnant this week. Coincidence? Who knows?


Mallory - March 4

That is a good question. I have the same thing going on. Stuffed up and little headeaches here and there. Anyone know?


bump - March 4



babydust** - March 4

i would like to know too,


CAR - March 4

I'm 12dpo and have the same thing... a stuffed up feeling, headaches and some cramping????? Anyone know???


car - March 4

Anyone have any answers to this? Thanks.


* - March 4

Anymore people experiencing this?


Grandpa Viv - March 4

Progesterone affects the mucous membranes and sometimes gives a runny / stuffy nose in early pregnancy. Later on there is "rhinitis of pregnancy" to contend with.


dandy - March 4

when i was pregnant i got tons of headaches.


Naomi - March 4

I had a dry, tight throat for 1 week before I was due. I was so thirsty and my ears were often sore. I asked a similar question on this site and found a few other woman had the same symptoms as I did. Good luck


CC - March 4

Naomi, so were you pg? I have had the same thing for about 4 days and lots of cramping. I am 12dpo and not very hopeful as I've been disappointed for 7 mos now.


jalisa - March 5

i heard a pregnancy symptom is a stuffy nose and when you b__w it there is a little blood.


Tiffany - March 5

hey, i have had a stuffy nose and turns out im preg.


Lauren - March 5

Hi Jalisa, is the blood thing true? I have a stuffy nose, but I can't say there's been any blood. Anyone know if it's a sign?


naomi - March 5

to CC. Yes I am pregnant. I found out on wed march 2 the day after I was due. Is this the first time you have had cramps? I hope you get pregnant soon , I understand how hard the waiting is.


nikki - March 7

I have also had cold like symptoms and some headaches, some mild some severe....i am waiting for AF in about 4 days...could i do a HPT soon? I bought First Response...says u can use it 5 days before first missed period....



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