Cold Medicine And Possible Pregnancy Grandpa Viv

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Kerri - April 21

I've been sick for over a week and starting to bring up green mucus with a little blood this morning and having alot of green mucus in my sinuses as well. I tried to get an antibiotic last Friday at a walk in clinic but they told me its a virus and to let it run its course. I'm a week late for a/f and suspect pregnancy. I took this one prescribed cough medicine Robitussin A/L only twice (less than a teaspoon) to stop my coughing at night as that is when the coughing is the worst. I've tried to mainly stick to Hot Lemon drinks for relief. I think that its more than a virus and when I went to a walk in clinic last Friday I told them I suspected that I was pregnant as well but was only over a day late and the urine test was negative. I really need some relief for the sickness and not sure now when to retest or test period to see if I am pregnant.


chriss - April 21

Kerri, if you are worried, you should call the local pharmacy and ask if they know, if they don't call the clinic. When I first started ttc. I developed an alergic reaction and got hives and the only thing that got rid of them was benedryl and when I asked the pharmacist about what the possible problems would be to take the allergy medication, she looks in all of her reference books and didn't see any reason why I couldn't take it. So I did, I wasn't pregnant, but at least she tried her best to help me out!!!


Kerri - April 21

Thanks Chriss, Yes I am a little worried as I have a really hard time getting into my doctor which sometimes takes a week or more just to get an appointment so that's a great idea and I will call them tonight to see what they have to say. I also took the mucus I brought up this morning and put it in a sterile bottle to bring with me so that way when I go to another clinic they will see what it looks like and tell them that I may be pregnant and can go from there. But I agree it would be for sure the fastest way for me to find out. I'm pretty sure though I will need an antibiotic as this bug is really settling in my lungs and sinus. Hope to get some relief soon!! Thanks again for your advice!!


motherof20 - April 21

Hi ladies, last month I got what you have Kerri - I went to the doctor but I swore it was a sinus infection and I was waiting on af (TTC for 6 months) when I got to the doctors she examined me - said it was viral but was worried about the mucus I was spitting up (bronchitis); I said I have been ttc and was waiting on af - she said rule of thumb when ttc or think that you are pregnant: 1) Tylenol (plain - no cold, sinus anything like that) 2) Sudafed (again, plain little red pill; no cold, sinus) 3) Robitussin - (again, Plain Robitussin; no DMS; CFS etc...) I hope this helps. I know I went to CVS and bought all three and felt like a million in 2 days (however, the sad part was that af did appear) waiting on April 24th!!


Kerri - April 22

Hi Motherof20, Thanks for your input and as well I'm going back to the walk in clinic tonight as I'm bringing up green mucus with blood so I know that isn't good and now I'm a week and a day late for a/f. I've still only been taking a hot lemon drink before going to bed and I read on the package not to exceed I believe 1-2 packets for pregnant women so other than that I haven't had anything else and have been trying to watch what I'm taking. I've never been this late before so chances are good that I am pregnant but last week tested negative but hopefully after tonight will test positive. The only other thing that I told my hubby is that maybe because of the virus/bug could also be the reason why a/f is delayed but I will hopefully know soon. I hope that you get some good news soon and lots of baby dust to you and I'll let you know what happens!! I'll stop at a Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada to get some Sudafed or Robitussin plain of course! Thanks again!!!



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