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rm - February 8

Can anyone tell me if they have heard of cold sores being a early pregnancy sign? I have never in my life had one now all the sudden BOOM! a cold sore! what is this? I got alot of other signs but its not time to test yet but I can hardly wait. I've found a few things on the internet about some people get cold sores right away from there body chemistry changing or something, any ideas?


Shandy - February 8

Actually I just got over having a cold sore but I thought it was from stress, I havent heard of it as a preg sign but it makes sense. Let me ask you... I am expecting AF next week, I have been unbearable hot and having very vivid dreams at night, which is unusual for me. Have you had anything like that? I wonder if that is from body chemsitry change as well? I had a miscarriage Dec 25th and I think before we found out I was preg I had the same weird symptoms?


Blossom - February 8

well from what i know when ever u get a cold sore thats a strand of the herpes virus not trying to get you worried theres different strands but im a medical a__sistant and yup thats what causes cold soars check with yur dr


rm - February 8

shandy I am having the same symptoms including CRAZY VIVID dreams! Blossom thank you for the info but I'm not worried about it being herpes from what I was reading most people have it but it just lies dormant or something until for various reasons it pops up. Have you heard of it appearring in very early pregnancy???


Grandpa Viv - February 8

First time in 18 months of watching that anyone has ever asked about cold sores. Who you been kissing? Hot flashes and vivid dreams - yes. Good luck!


rm - February 8

Ha! Ha! Well just the ole ball and chain hubby but he better not been kissing nobody else!!!! I also feel honored that I grabbed your attention with my obsessive compulsive frenzy that this 2ww got me in!!!! Now that I actually look at my question I guess it is a wee bit ridiculus.


Deb - February 9

Cold sores are caused by the herpes virus. If you have never had one before, then you must have just caught the virus from someone.


Shandy - February 9

Cold sores are extremely contagious, you probably came in contact with someone and didnt even know it. Do you have any other signs of preg? When is AF due for you? I am naseous, very iritible and have sore b___sts, but AF is still more than a week away, it seems too early for symptoms?


Shandy - February 11

Hey rm! when is test day? still have preg signs?



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