Cold Sores Signs Of Pregnancy

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Olga - May 31

Ladies, Are cold sores on your lip a sign of preg??


no - May 31

I don't think so.............


Audrey - May 31

Olga- No, cold sores by themselves aren't a sign of pregnancy. However the virus that causes cold sores (herpes simplex) can flare up when you are subjected to physical or emotional stress. You must take care to wash hands thoroughly if you have a cold sore and avoid oral s_x because you don't want to pa__s it to your partner or transfer it to your own genital area accidentally.


Olga - May 31

Thanks, Audrey. I heard someone say that she felt cold sores were one of the signs... I guess when you want a baby so much you look for any clues. I have been under a lot of stress ttc. i hope this is not effecting my chances. thanks!


*m* - May 31

Hello Olga, I can't postively say that cold sores are a sign, but I think they are somehow related to pregnancy. I do not get cold sores by my mouth, but by in my eyes instead (Herpes Simplex Kerat_tis). I had a cold sore by my eye a couple of months ago, and at the same time I was pregnant...I did miscarry. At that time I read somewhere that cold sores can be triggered by a change in your menstrual cycle, so who knows? Best wishes to you.


to Olga - May 31

Funny you ask... I had a cold sore last week, too.... I get them on my lip, but unfortunately I miscarried right after my 5th week.


erica - May 31

to olga, actually a cold sore was one of my first signs of pregnancy. I'm now 9 weeks pregnant.


Olga - May 31

Ladies, thanks for asking... well, i have two cold sores (twins?? lol). Actually, I am a bit devistated... I am 2 days late but 3 tests taken at different times of day came up N... I was on clomid, and believe the meds regulate your period, which I should have received on 5/30. Dont know what to think anymore so looking for any clues - like cold sores... I wonder what is going on with me... I am so sad.


Jo - June 7

Olga---Have you recently tested? I just got a cold sore yesterday (same day af was due). Af hasn't come, but the cold sore did.



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