Cold Symptoms

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April - November 2

Has anyone experienced cold symptoms, sore throat, aches and pains, hot flashes, and found out they were pregnant?


s - November 2

I got a vicious cold exactly one week before I found out I was pg. I am still getting chills and hot flashes all the time. it could be a sign. BABY DUST !!!


ErinH - November 2

i know exactlly what u mean..ive been feeling like i have a cold, runny nose, so so so so tired, nausea,and last af was sep 30 af was due oct 30..a no show :).----i took a test which came back pos..then too 3 more tests the following days 2neg 1 faint pos..... i dont know what to belive. my dr is all booked up till late nov, so i made a appt for nov 30th. I CANT BELIVE HOW TIRED IVE BEEN!!! i could sleep all day if my dh let me. i havent had a fever just a lil increase in body temp. me and dh bd every tues and wed since last af ended. I PRAY TO GOD IM PREGNANT! weve been ttc for 1yr (and counting). no luck exect 2 miscarriages. baby dust to all ttc!


Alyssa - November 2

I'm exactly 8 weeks PG today and it seems i am so suseptible (sp?) to colds. In the beginning before I got my BFP I was always achy with odd pains here and there. So there is definatly a chance!


Jessica - November 2

Me too...I have this cough, runny nose, sneezing every once in a while...Got what I think is a very faint pos yesterday, too scared to test and have it be an evap line...Congrats to the BFPs and baby dust to those waiting....I'm one of the waiters...


Nic - November 2

I have been ttc for 6 mo now. I have a cold right now though and it hasnt even crossed my mind i might be pg. I guess i have just gotton so use to getting the bad news i didnt want to test too early. Maybe i will test on friday. Baby dust!!!


April - November 2

Thanks for the response! The congestion is only minor and seems to be more prominent when I wake up in the morning. What about the sore throat? That is what is killing me. Today more on one side than the other. I don't think it is as bad as yesterday though. I have also experienced a couple of nosebleeds over the past few days. I NEVER get nosebleeds. This is all so frustrating....


April - November 2

Has anyone been extremely bloated and their tummy is sticking out to look like they are already pregnant? Mine has been but I haven't had any cramping what so ever. AF isn't due until around Nov. 9th. I did get nauseated (sp?) in my car yesterday on my way into work. Thank God I had a ziploc back in my car. Didn't last very long but ended up puking a couple of times. That brought my second nosebleed on. How embara__sing to be stuck in traffic and have people stare at you because you are barfing in a plastic bag!!!! Ugh!!!!


Q - November 2

Congestion and bleeding noses are common in pregnancy. My doctor actually recommended using a q-tip with polysporin to put inside my nostrils to help keep mynose moistened. (that was with my last pregnancy). Good luck!


Deb - November 2

I just got my BFP today and I have had a sore throat for the past five days. It has blossomed into tonsilitus and I'm not sure if it is pregnancy related or not. I also noticed that I have been flushed in the face several times which could be pregnancy related or just related to the sore throat. Hope this helps!


Ashley - November 2

I had a HORRIBLE cold in my 8th week of pg. Watch what you take ust incase your pg!


April - November 2

Thanks! I am tracking to see how long this sore throat lasts. It is more annoying than anything. I have been sucking on cough drops all day to help ease the pain. Still having these hot flashes. I have been checking my temperature. This morning it was around 99.1. Tonight it was around 98.9. Congrats Ashley on your pregnancy! Let's hope the rest of us get a BFP this month.


chrysti - November 2

yah, i posted a note the other day about my face being red for no reason, and hot too. I got a sore throat about 5 days ago. One day it was really bad. my body ached and I had a fever. my muscles had been hurting in my legs the previous day. usually when i get a cold, my sore throat is gone after the first day, while the other symptoms hang around. this time, the achyness and stuff have gone away, but my throat is still sore. 5 days, wierd. i am 12 dpo. i'm not expecting af until later this week. d__n 35 day cycle. keep us posted. hopefully this is a symptom, and we all get bfp.


Amelia - November 2

I have these symptoms and am awaiting to see if I am - its only around 6 days from conception! I am interested in the answer myself.


April - November 2

Well, let's hope we all end up with BFP's this month! Usually when I get a cold, which I haven't had in years, my sore throat only lasts a day and then goes elsewhere. Not this one.....


chrysti - November 3

any word ladies???


chrysti - November 3

i still have a scratchy throat and a stuffed up nose. 13dpo.



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