Color Of Urine Please Help Shelly You Know Many Answers

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Josie - June 28

My boyfriend and I had s_x on Friday night, Saturday morning, night, Sunday afternoon, night, and Monday afternoon. We used condoms but question two of them that we used (a possible hole). Later that night had to urinate and held it in for about an hour. When i finally did, the color was orange (it was all very dark orange. It was slightly so even later that night and the following afternoon (Tuesday). I am not on any medication or the pill. Could this be a sign of anyting?


sara - June 23

Not really sure if that is a sign, but you really shouldn't hold it in cause you can get an urinary tract infection that way, best bets is to take a home pregnancy test.


Shelly - June 24

Urine can change colors for many reasons. It is not a good indicator of pregnancy. If it was, there would be no need for pregnancy tests. Wait and see if you have any common pregnancy symptoms. When is your period due? You can test yourself if it is late. If you don't want to wait that long, go have a blood test done.Using condoms alone is not a very reliable form of birth controll when used alone. You might want to think about combining the condoms with spermicidal foam of a diaphram. Hope this info. helps. Good luck.


Josie - June 25

My period is actually due the first week of july because it was late last month and was in a way hoping to be pregnant. But at the end of this month, if it were on track. So it is a bit early to tell with a home test. I thought i may have been ovulating that week that we had s_x but it also seems so this week so i am not sure, even even though we used a condom, this makes me anxious to know if i could be pregnant or not.


Shelly - June 25

Try to stay calm and just wait till you're late. Hang in there.


Linda - June 28

How do I know how many months I am?. Do I count the last period til present?.



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