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hoping##2 - August 20

Ok girls. I'm 3 days late but I keep getting BFNs with those dollar tree tests. I've had some symptoms like headache, backache, dizziness, yellowish cm but tonight I was looking at my br___t (b/c i keep reading about some women getting darker veins and darker nipples) and I pushed one up to kinda look all around and liquid came out!! I feel like I'm going crazy. I had my husband come and look just so I could have a witness and I squeezed on my nipple and sure enough more came out. I did it about 5 times and more and more kept coming...not a whole lot just like a drop each time. Has anyone else had this happen? I would think this would be a sure sign that I'm pregnant know that's not always the case. What do you girls think?


Naomi98 - August 20

Colostrum? Oh man, give me a break. Seriously, either go out and buy a decent HPT or get a blood test done if you think you're pregnant.


hoping##2 - August 21

Wow, you are hateful! Why do you even respond if you are just going to be rude?


mellybee - August 21

my mom had something similar, but she had a lot more fluid come and she went 2 the dr and found out it was a boil (big pimple) but she was worried, so her go9ng 2 the dr was a good thing. it eased her mind. is it still happening?


hoping##2 - August 21

Ya but its just a tiny little bit. Its coming out of both nipples and on my left one you can tell its coming out of two different spots on my nipple. Ya I need to go to the doctor but our insurance we have right now is so horrible and I don't have maternity coverage. We are praying my husband will get this new job he interviewed for. It's with the state so we would have really good insurance. Our deductibles right now are $5,000 a piece.


clindholm - August 21

According to my doctor, typically the colostrum would not be visable until the second trimester at the earliest. Good luck.


mellybee - August 21

how about going 2 a free clinic or one of the ones that charges on a sliding fee according 2 how much u make.


teresap - August 21

Hi, hoping. I don't know when you originally posted your question, but some of your symptoms sound like you could be pg. A couple years ago, I had some discomfort in one of my b___sts. It just kind of felt weird like there was pressure building. So, I squeezed behind the nipple and I had some drainage. I knew mine was just a plugged gland because I had not been s_xually active for quite a while before then. It was kind of like lancing a pimple. As far as your other signs, it may be too soon to tell on a test, though. But I wish you and your husband the best of luck!


Naomi98 - August 21

Hateful is a very strong word my dear. I'm merely raising a virtual eyebrow at someone who thinks they are producing colostrum at this stage in a (possible, not confirmed yet) pregnancy. Oh and if you care to read again, I wasn't just "rude" - I gave you advice.


hoping##2 - August 22

Well DEAR sorry my question seems so ridiculous to you but I could have sworn that's what this forum was for. It must be nice to be as high and mighty as you and have all the answers.


irregularfrustration - August 22

Hoping - have you ever had your prolactin levels checked? You could have Hyperprolactinemia - too much prolactin can cause the nipples to discharge a colostrum-like substance. If your level is too high, I believe there is some drug or something the doctor can prescribe to bring it down...


hoping##2 - August 22

Thank you so much. I will have to get that checked out! Never even heard of such a thing. That's why these forums are so good! I wondered if maybe it was some left over from my first pregnancy. I don't know if that's even possible and my daughter is now 2 years old. Plus how gross to think some old crusty milk is still in there. LOL!! : )


teresap - August 22

hoping, that is funny about the old crusty milk. try to stay positive!


hoping##2 - August 22

Ya you kinda have to keep a since of humor in order not to go completely crazy!! lol I'm trying to stay positive. I still haven't started. I'm 5 days late now. I took a clear blue yesterday. Still BFN. My sister finally mentioned yesterday that she didn't get a positive until she was 2 weeks late with her pregnancy. Maybe it runs in the family, or so I'm hoping!!


BrendaW - August 22

I wish you the best of Luck Hoping! Never had that happen before but it would freak me out too! The earliest i read of someone getting colustrum was 3 months but you never know. I have also heard of other things that can cause like some of the stuff the girls have posted about on here already. Good Luck again let us know what happens!


teresap - August 22

I'd wait until you were 2 weeks late to retest. If you want to see what I've been going through, look under Pregnancy Tests "Please Comment". Keep up posted on what's going on.


irregularfrustration - August 25

Hoping, I will keep hoping for you! Note, though, that if the colustrum is due to the hyperprolactinemia, you could just be 'late' because you either ovulated later or didn't ovulate at all this cycle (another symptom of the disorder). Did you use an opk strip / are you temping? How long have you been ttc?



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