Colostrum From Breast

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cindy - April 7

What else causes colostrum to come from your br___t if you are not pregnant?


erica - April 7

I'm having the same problem.


Jess - April 8

I would like to know also. Yesterday while in the shower, some colostrum leaked. I was barely holding my b___st and I noticed it come up. What could cause this?


cindy - April 8

I only notices it when i squeeeze my b___st.


Jess - April 8

well you can say that I was squeezing mine too, but it was not on perpose the first time. I was in the shower. It seems to be a clear straw colored liquid. I have a child but i never b___st fed at all.


Amy - April 8

I had this happen today when I was doing my exam, Any one know what could be causing this


Linda - April 9

I to have colostrum and have had it for about 3 months or so. I called my doc. and he said you do produce it when your pregnant but mostly in the 2nd and third tri. He also did mention that you can produce it and not be pregnant. I never had colostrum until I started having s_x so who knows lol. I wouldn't consider it a big sign of pregnancy unless you know you are pregnant that is lol. I wasn't pregnant when I started getting it, though I might be pregnant now.


Michelle - April 10

I am having the same problem. I b___stfed my first child but stopped b___stfeeding 5 months ago. Got pregnant and m/c on March 8. Got my period 28 days later. Waiting for AF to end so i can ttc again. But tonight i had colustrum coming out of both sides. Could this be a sign or pregnancy or is it just hormonal?


Naomi - April 11

I also have noticed some coming from my b___sts,Have searched everywhere for answers but came across nothing.Have you all noticed other changes in your b___sts such as aching.


bump - April 11



Michelle - April 11

I posted yesterday but i want to redo mine and say i didnt' have colostrum but i had milk. Mine was white not clear. Does that make a difference? HPT-BFN...ahhh. Anyone know any other reasons why i would be leaking milk?


tanya - June 9

Wow! I thought i was the only one. I was scared i was pregnant but some of you say ur not and have the same problem. Good deal! Is it bad though?


from PCOS thread - June 9

PCOS causes b___st milk secretion from hormonal imbalance just like pregnancy. I guess that is the same.


celia - June 9

I started having colostrum in early pregnancy, b___st fed for a year after my ds was born. I can still squeeze my left nipple and get it out. My son is now 6! High prolactin levels can cause this or just a bit of crazy hormone's. My Hormone levels have checked out and i mention it to my ob/gyn every year at my check up and he just say's some women have crazy hormones that cause crazy things and not to worry! good luck.



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