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nicole1 - November 6

Hi just need some advice me and my bf have started to ttc, the confusing bit went on holiday in sept/oct forgot to take pill a couple of times had brown discharge. we decided to come of pill in october properly then i had AF which lasted the usual days which is 4. i was on the pill for nearly 2yrs. im just wondering if these are symptons from pill? ive got sore nipples, feel sick quite often, tired alot, eating more, but not much cm at all. any advice would help thanx


louisa - November 6

hi this is also my first month of birth control pills. for the past 3 days ive very light spotting, which is only when i wipe, and comes and goes. i have been feeling sick for past 5 days also. frequent headaches, needing to pee more, eating more, feeling ever so tired, even when ive woken up from a long sleep. i hope i am preg this month. my period should be due 15th november, but may not seeing as though i dont know long my cycle is gonna be this month.


LISA - November 6

I was on the pill for 10 years... came off the pill, TTC for 2 months, and got pregnant on the third try. If you're serious about TTC, try the Ovulation Testers by Clear Blue Easy. It worked for me very quickly. YOu pee on it around the time you would ovulate, and it tells you the best three days to try. As for your symptoms, I did not experience all of those during my early weeks of pregnancy - just the sore b___bs part. Sleepiness and nausea came around 6-7 weeks and I just entered my 8th, so I'm battling the illness stuff a little bit still. Best of luck to you.


lisa - November 6

hey i was on te pill for i think 3yrs, came of it bout 2 months ago, try last month, all htp was neg but i still have signes, like my b___bs r sore and bigger, tired,very tired one day i slept for en extra 6 hrs,then normal, i went to docs got a blood test but waiting to hear, if i am pg i would be bout 6-7wks, im noticing that my tummy seems round? and a bit hard, i feel dizzy, very very moody,tired,headackes for no reason,feeling like i really really need to pee but wen i go its not that much?do u think i could be pg? i had what didnt look like my period a day before it was due, it was lighter,and the blood was darker, it lasted 4 days mine is usually 6 days, then came bk for half a day? weird huh? please help!!!!


Jen - November 6

Ever since coming off the pill I have been starving. Plus, did you stop the pill the right way? You are supposed to stop after finishing all your active pills. It has taken me 3 months for my cycles to regulate again. Plus I have gained 10 pounds so watch out for that.


Vicki - November 7

Don't tell me that! I was hoping to lose weight when I came off the pill as I put weight on when I started. I've been on the pill for 8.5 years and am hopefully coming off at the end of this month so any advice that people might have would be very much appreciated.


nicole1 - November 7

hi i havent put any weight on yet from coming of pill but every1 is different, but i wasnt very good whilst on pill anyways like taking regulary so hopefully it wont take a long time coming out of my system. goodluck to everyone ttc! x


lucy - November 7

i came off the pill after 17 years (ages 16-33 with a couple of short breaks) and immediately got pregnant, within two weeks.


casey - November 7

can someone please reply to my message- name is lisa in small letters, thanks ladies


Jen - November 7

Don't worry Vicki, I didn't gain any weight when on the pill like everyone said would happen so maybe my body is making up for that LOL. lisa, did you get your blood test back?


Kristy - November 7

I went off the pill on the 28th of June and my first cycle was 40 days 2nd was 36 days 3rd was 34 days and now i'm due for another on the 14th of November the reason i know when i'm due because i used ovulation test strips and according to that my cycle will finally be a normal 28 day cycle but i'm really hoping that i will be pregnant this time i guess now that my cycles are more regular it will be easier to fall pregnant. I was on the pill for about 10 years so it has taken my body a few months to get back to normal.


Let me see that s_xy body go.. - November 8

Bump Bump Bump



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