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Roxy - January 4

Hi, I went off the pill on the 31st of Oct and got my period on the 2nd of Nov (normal bleed), then I got my next 'real' period on the 3rd of December, so I was assuming that I'd be due on the 2nd or 3rd of January and I still haven't got my period. I've got loads of pg symptoms, but have done 3 HPTs and all have been negative. Am I going insane? Where is my AF? Before I went on the pill I was always on time? Could I still be pg even if the tests say no? I need advice!!!


Nick - January 4

When I first went off the pill in September I had loads of pregnancy symptoms, but was not pregnant. My body was getting used to being off the pill. My period was even late the first three months because it takes time to regulate. On the other hand my doctor told me that a women is most fertile right after coming off the pill, so you never know.


... - January 5

any advice?


emma - January 5

I'm in the same boat as you Roxy. I had my last real period on Nov 26th (my first after having come off the pill) and I'm still waiting for my second. I'll be 14 days late tomorrow. I have loads of pg symptoms too, although the last test I did (4 days late) said negative. I figure that if it took me 6 weeks to get my first real period, my second one surely can't be any longer than that? I'll test again on Friday and then I've got an appointment to see the doctor. It's really doing my head in. Let's hope for both of us it means we're preggers!


chrissy - January 5

i went off the pill in late aug early sept. i had liek 3 periods that month... i didn tget pregnant until nov. i found out the day after thanksgiving.. i doc said it would take 3 months.. to start to come off the pill and that not to worry until its been 6 months tryin...


emma - January 7

Well, I went to the doctors today after getting another BFN at 15 days late. He's referring me for blood tests, but it's going to take 2 weeks to have them done and get the results back! I can cope with being pregnant, and with not being pregnant, but this limbo state is agony! Grandpa Viv, do you have any advice for people who have come off the contraceptive pill in the last few months and are ttc? What can we expect?


Rachel - January 7

I'd like to know what to expect too, as I just went off the pill in early December and am now ttc.


G - January 7

I came off the pill early august. I didnt start ttc until september. December was my fourth month TTC. I am a couple of days late now....but all tests say negative. My question is that someone posted you should not worry until you have been trying for 6 mos. That makes me nervous, since Im going on month five (my husband and I are both young and healthy...if that means anything). I heard that you should give it a year, which is accurate. When should I be concerned????


Rachel - January 12

Anyone have info for us on this?


I - January 12

i finally got pregnant after being off of b/c for 9 months. and the funny thing is, those whole 9 months, i only had 2 periods. i took a test to prove to my sis-in-law that i wasnt pregnant, and boy did i get a surprise!! so my advice is, to just be patient, and let ur body get adjusted. i know its hard and frustrating, but being stress free seems to make it easier to concieve. good luck to all of u!!


Ginette - January 17

Two days after coming off the pill, I got my period. Is it normal to get a period right after coming off the pill??


pooky - January 18

Hi..Im a mixture of you guys really. Im only 2 weeks after my withdrawal bleed and waiting 1st 'real' period .Has anyone had srange symptons? I have totally lost my appet_te!!!!



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