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vicky - November 1

Iv just come off the pill after being on it for two and a half years.I was just wondering how long did it take for your periods to back to normal,and how long it took you to get pregnant after coming off??


amanda - November 1

I went off last month. My cycle was 5 weeks. I am waiting to see how long this one will be. I think i am back to normal because I ovulated on day 15. It can take up to 6 months to be normal again. Some women take even longer. Most are normal by month 3 though. You'll just have to wait it out. I did opk's this month to make sure that I was getting an LH surge around ovulation time.


kristina - November 1

vicky - i came off the pill 3 months ago and the first 2 cycles were 5 weeks long too. like amanda, i think my cycle is back to normal this month as i'm haivng ovulation signs which would make ovulation around CD 16. i was on it for at least 8 years too. this is my first month ttc, so don't have news for you in that department, but sure hope i will have some good news soon ! good luck ! i definitely recommend charting and the opk b/c that was extrememly helpful in figuring out my body and all the signs, etc. now i know exactly what to look for now that i'm ttc. baby dust !


Em - November 1

I was on the pill for awhile. My first cycle was messed up. It was pretty long. After that they seemed closer to normal. It took me four months to concieve after I was on the pill for 4 years. Good luck. PS, the second time I concieved while on the pill. (different kind, progesterone only for nursing mothers)


Lauren - November 1

I came off the pill in July... my August and Sept. cycles were normal for me (32 days). I should have started on Sept. 24. Still no af. Could I be pregnant or did I just not ovulate this time? I'm so frustrated.


Amanda - November 1

Have you tested at all? You should be showing a positive by now if you are pregnant. If not, you may want to ask your doctor. That seems weird to have suddenly missed a period when you were pretty normal before.


Lauren - November 1

I talked to the doctor's office today. The nurse said to wait and test again next Monday (2 weeks after missed period) because it may just be too early to pick up. She also said that I might not have ovulated. My husband and I weren't trying to get pregnant, but now I've gotten used to the idea and I kind of like it. I just want to know one way or the other before I get my hopes up too high.


Amanda - November 1

Was your period due sept 24 or Oct 24? If it was sept 24, you are about 5 weeks late. If it was due Oct 24, then you are 1 week late. Good luck either way.


J. - November 1

I also stopped the pill 3 months ago. AF has been consistent since I stopped so that must mean I've been ovulating, right? This is my 4th month of ttc. I thought this was it for me, but AF came 3 days late. I have heard it takes some women a lot longer than others to become preggers after coming off the pill. I want a BFP so bad I can smell it!!!


Lauren - November 1

My last period was Sept. 23. I was due for another on Oct. 24. Still waiting...


Amanda - November 1

Then you could definitely be pregnant. Keep us updated. I am due this weekend so I will start testing then. Good luck to you!


Jen - November 1

I got off the pill in August and I just barely got regular again. My cycles were every 18 days which was annoying and then in late October it magically went back to 28 days.



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