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Taylor - November 10

If you have a regular period before going on the pill, go on it for a month, then quit, will ure period stay or go back to being normal? like, i should get af tomorrow, should i expect it?


Taylr - November 10

Any thoughts will do!


Ashley - November 10

Hey Taylor, I don't really know because everyone is so different. But I went off the pill after on full year, and my period came right when expected. We started trying last month and my Af was due yesterday, I didn't get it and last night and today took 2 tests and Both were positive. I didn't think it would happen so quickly because they say the pill can mess up your cycle and it may take a while to get back on track but for you only being on it a month, i don't think it would mess you up that much but who knows... don't know how much this helps but Good Luck!


Taylor - November 10

Thanks and congrats! Hey is taking motrin while newly preggo bad? do u know?


to taylor - November 10

the only thing doc's recommend is tylenol if u r preg.--every other medication doc's don't recommend.


Meredith - November 10

Ashley, that's awesome!! Congratulations!! I had similar questions because DH and I just started trying, and I had been on BCP for 3 years. I am hoping for similar results!!! :)


Shawna - November 10

I was taking bcp for 5.5 years and stopped in April. I have only had 2 periods since. Everyone is different. Doc said it could take up to 1 full year to become regular again. Good luck!


Olivene - November 11

When I went off before after about a year. The first cycle was really long and then everything was pretty normal after that. Good luck. I have read you are more fertile that first month for some reason. Hope it works for you!


lou 77 - November 11

MY periods are getting back to normal after 10 years on the pill my 3rd cycle off 1st af 33 days 2nd 30days and just started after 27days so not sure when ovulating this month possibly 23/11!



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