Coming Off The Pill Your Answers Ladies PLEASE

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Emma - January 11

I came off the contraceptive pill mid Oct, and since them I seem to be a 45 day cycle. I've been ttc for 2 months now and the af cow turned up yet again today!. Any of you ladies experienced a delay in af returning to normal? How long did it take? Did it take you long to conceive? Any thoughts / experiences will be gratefully received!


kat - January 11

ive heard it can take upto between 3-6 months to return to normal,but everyone is different.good luck.


J - January 11

Emma, I am in the same situation. I came of the pill end of Oct my Nov af was on cycle day 35 and Dec was a no show (just some light spotting for 1 day) god knows when the next one will arrive. I am now getting very mild cramps on my left side and hope this could be the month. Good luck to you and have fun in the mean time trying (I know I am). Keep in touch and let me know how you get on.


hey hey - January 11

I've been off the pill for like 3 or 4 months. And I wanna be pregnant. I hope my missed period is because I'm pregnant and not cuz I stopped taking the pill, well the patch


I - January 11

it took me 9 months to concieve after getting off b/c. it seemed to take forever. i never became regular, as a matter of fact, i only had 2 periods the whole 9 months. just as a joke, i took a test christmas eve and got a +. so all i can say is just give it time and be patient, which is soooo hard to do. good luck to all!!!


Emma - January 11

Thanks J - and to everyone else. It's rea__suring to know I'm not the only one. I'm sure we'll all fall preggers in time - it just doesn't make things easy when you have no idea when (or if!) you're ovulating each month. Like you say J - it's fun trying! And hey - if I can predict my ovulation time, then I guess my hubby and I'll have to try every other day until we crack it! J - I will keep in touch - let me know how you get on. Good luck to everyone - I hear there's a lot of baby dust around this year!


G - January 11

Emma, I stopped taking the pill in August. Since then my cycles vary month to month, 1st cylce was 28 days, 2nd was 46 days, 3rd was 27 days and now Im on my Fourth cycle of TTC and I am on day 37 (no AF yet). It is very frustrating, this may sound silly...but when we decided to start trying I thought it would happen immediately (boy was I wrong LOL)


taz - January 11

i don't have an answer for you, but i recently got off the pill in nov. and missed my period for dec. this scared the heck out of me because i am on a 28 day cycle, i could plan vacations around my period. i still haven't got it yet and i realize now that everything is okay but im going to take the test anyway just to be sure. thanks for all the great knowledge!.peace, T


J - January 14

G, When are you due af or haven't you a clue like me. If I end up on a 28 day cycle then I should be due about 21st (I think). Keep me posted on how you get on, would be great to keep in touch with you all.


MN - January 14

Emma,like u i stopped my bcp in Oct. and since then i had my period every 30 of each mth. My AF is so regular that i wonder. I heard it was the opposite, when u come off the pill ur AF is out of whack , my only concern is that it might be false periods and may have gotten pregnant . Well, go figure !


Racheal - January 15

I was off the pill for 5 cycles before we concieved (it was not planned, a definite surprise!) and in those 5 months my period still hadn't returned to normal. They were longer than before the pill. I've heard it can take a really long time. Don't be discouraged though, your cycles will even out.


nic - January 16

I have been off the pill since Oct. and I still haven't had my period (I don't know all the lingo yet!). My husband and I have been trying since I went off the pill. What are the chances that I'll get pregnant before I ever do have a period off the pill. Or do you think I need to have a regular cycle first? I keep hoping I'll get my period so that I can chart my cycle and figure out my ovulation time.



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