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ttgg - August 16

My husband and I are trying to get pregnant. We started July 25, 2004..Is it possible to be pregnant if I have taken many of HPT's and one blood test and they are all negative. I thought it just might be to soon. I thought I was having signs like naseau, headache, bad back pain and cramps (worse than a normal period cramp), and a clear discharge. I still have all these signs just not as bad. I thought they were like the first week symptoms but I dunno.. I am excited and I want to know, i am very impatient, but i guess all i can do is wait it out. Anyone have any similar signs? If so what was your outcome. Any comments would be GREATLY appreciated!! PLEASE HELP


ttgg - August 14

Also my period isn't suppose to come until like the end of next week or the beginning of the next... THANKS IN ADVANCE TO ANYONE WHO HELPS!


ttgg - August 14

please someone answer, im nervous


Jill-RN - August 14

First of all, it is possible to have both negative urine and blood tests AND still be pregnant. Some women are slower at producing detectable levels of the pregnancy hormone HCG. Typically the general reccomendation is to wait to take those pregnancy tests until at least you are late by one day. (You should really wait three of four days of missed period before you test) Some women claim they know they have conceived even before a missed period, just from symptomology. However, when was the First day of your LAST menstrual period? Most women ovulate around 14 days after the first day of their period. Is July 25, around day 14 for you?


Katie - August 15

Stop stressing over becoming pregnant!!!!! If you've had a negative blood test, then no you cannot have been pregnant up to the 2 weeks prior to having the test done.Just make sure you have s_x regularly around your most fertile time and if your period doesn't show, get a test done. It's silly to be so obssesive like this.


Jess - August 15

God will choose the time for you to concieve. I wish you all the best.


jane RN - August 15

Katie you apparently have never been really trying to have a baby, it is so exciting yet scary because your afraid maybe you can't get pregnant, it is not silly to worry, and i think its more excitement than worry


ttgg - August 16

thanks to everyone to answered. i will keep you updated



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