Commone Someone Please Answer My Question

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RG - January 12

besides all my other signs of pregnancy I have been having problems sleeping then when I do sleep I feel like sleeping all day I'm so exhausted..for one day last week and about 3 days in a row this week I have been having slight pressure feeling in my tummy and it kinda feels like light cramping doesnt feel like my period cramps at all considering Im always stuck in bed and in pain for two days but I'm supposed to start on the 16th. also I've had some clear discharge lately if I take a first response I can test tomorrow should I wait and get a test after my missed period "if" I miss it or should I take a chance and get a test and test tomorrow?


Racheal - January 12

I would say take a test now....I took first response test 6 days before my period was due and it came back positive


Jay - January 12

Hi RG - everybody is different, though - I took the first response early pregancy test and did not get a positive until a week after my af was due. All depends on the level of hormone secretion levels. Be careful though, taking the pregnacy tests can become addictive and costly!!! I know - I took one almost every day from the 4 days before til I got the positive - a week after my af was due!!!


Becca - January 12

I think i'm pregnant too...but i took a test at the doctors the day after i was supposed to start my period. it was negative, but doc. says it wont show up if i got pregnant within 10 days of taking the test. the pregnancy hormone might be too low. i think u should wait at least a few days after u miss your' period. my doc. is making me wait an extra week.


Jay - January 13

Bedca is right - y'know - I got 2 neg blood tests prior to the positive pregnancy test. I just knew I was pregnant, and wanted to confirm it - but I kept getting negatives until I was actually 10 days late. The waiting is horrible, ...


Jan - January 13

A friend of mine recommended that one take the test from the day your menstruation was due, and on every third day thereafter until either your period starts or the test turns positive. I'm not sure about the facts, but apparently the Hormone levels increase every 2 or 3 days up to a point where the test can pick it up and turn positive! GOOD LUCK!


Jan - January 13

Sorry, I meant the hormone levels will multiply every 2/3 days (not increase, that will happen anyway!) :-)


Cathy - January 25

My tooth got infection and I took pregancy test before I took the anti-biotic. It was postivie. And I took another 9 test the following days and they are all positive. But I still have my period as normal. why?


B'Lana - January 25

Kathy, some women continue on their regular cycle but it's lighter and different color. How pg would you be now? You might consider visiting your dr... I would personally. It might not be anything to worry as I said, but I would want to know that from a specialist if my baby's health depends on it. :) I wish you luck and stay healthy ;)



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