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spammy4145 - June 12

Ok, so I tore my Frenulum Labii Superioris( that thing that connects you gum to your upper lip. I know everyone is now feeling it with their tongue..hehe.. Ok so I was brushing my teeth, I know but don't laugh, and wouldn't you know I tore the heck outa that thing. It has been like 5 days and it is killing me. I can't imagine that i'm the only one that this has happened to so I was wondering if any of you have, and if so how long it took to heal, and to become less painful. I hope atleast one person has. You guys have experienced just about everything Ok, thanks for the help ladies


Rhonda - June 12

Ouch! that sounds painful.


staci - June 12

spammy, make sure that you are keeping your mouth super clean. Rinse after you eat, and rinse often with salt water, it will help keep infection out. My little boy is going to have to have his cut when he gets a little older, ooouuchh! his goes down between his 2 front teeth and my 9month old neice has the same thing and she fell and ripped hers..It didn't stay swollen for long and healed pretty quickly. That's one good thinkg about your mouth, it heals itself pretty fast. good luck!


Steff - June 13

I busted my bottom one before. It was the victim of a sharp potato chip. I know it sounds crazy... ot sure how I managed it.... But it hurt like hell and bled like a siv. I used ambesol or kaink-aid. They both have numbing effects. It's the benzene... Good luck Spammy.... that really sucks


Danielle26 - June 13

Now you've got me feeling mine with my tongue :) and lol's funny to think of your thingy as a victim :)


spammy4145 - June 13

Hey thanks guys.. yeah it does hurt like a batch, but its weird cause I don't think it bled.. but who knows.. and it's not as sore today as it was but it still sux.. do you know hard it is to wipe your nose when your rip that son of a gun.. Ouchy



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