Concerning About Douching

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Patsy - March 5

can douching affect ovulation? i should be ovulating around the 5th or 6th and i should see a bit of discharge leading up to ovulation but.. i've seen very little on thursday and none today unless i slide my finger all the way up... and i was douching on wednesday and thursday night would that affect the amount of discharge and ovulation?


mulgajill - March 5

i dont think douching is recommended for ANYONE, but especially not if you are ttc... the v____a has a nice acid balance and is self cleaning...


Sue - March 5

I agree with Mulgajill. Douching is very bad, don't do it anymore. It brings on v____al yeast like you can't imagine. I don't think it can affect ovulation, that happens higher up in your ovaries, but it can affect the amount of cervical mucus that you see coming out.


Patsy - March 5

so i should still ovulate on the 6th but since i douched these few days leading up to it.. i didn't see much discharge is that what you're saying?? Anyways anyone else????


$weetne$$ - March 5

the reason why you cant see any discharge is because you have been douching, which is very bad. as mulgajill said is true, it can give u very bad thrush (yeast) infection etc... the only way that douching could effect your fertility is that sperm need the discharge that you produce when yopu are ovulating to swim through faster, so if you wash that all out, the sperm in fact could take longer to reach your egg, and bare in mind once you've ovulated you have about 24hrs before it dies, so anything that slows sperm down isnt a good idea if your trying to get pregnant. Hope this helps :)


? - March 5

why would you want to douche?


Sammie - March 5

oh hmm i have the same question.. but part of it is answered but the other half isn;t.. so will douching affect ovulation? will it come later? or have less??? and I dunno why Patsy douches but i douches because i had s_x adn me and my bf used a condom but the condom broke.. so he told me to douch,,, but im also about to ovulate.. =/ =S



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