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precious g - January 30

why do my stomach looks and fill full... bloated


Naomi98 - January 30

Hun if you want people to give you genuine answers to your questions, post in the same thread or just bump it if you want more information. I know you want to know if you're pregnant (like the rest of us in the two week wait!) but we can't tell you that. Your symptoms could be pregnancy-related but then again, they could be something else entirely. The only way to be sure is to test if you miss your period. We're glad to help you but try not to cram the forum with lots of posts.


jezebel1018 - January 30

you ate too much?? how do we know? what kind of question is this?


mazlouise - January 30

You need a poo?!?!


precious g - January 30

jezebek1018... no i did not eat to much, i rarely have an appet_te, and i think i would be able to tell if i was full or not so eating to much is not the case.. and my question was related to being bloated all the time


bbdreams - January 30

Well, with bloating I'd say either you're 'plugged up' and need to use the washroom. Or you are nearing your period(since most women get bloated with excess water at that time). Are you at risk for pregnancy, ttc? When is your period due? Have you taken a test? You gave no info, hard for any of us to have any clue what to say to you.


bbdreams - January 30

Ahh I just realized what Naomi98 was saying! You have splattered random questions all over the forum. Please stick to one thread and keep all info there - we don't have the time or patience to flip flop all over the place trying to gather all your info to answer your questions. Sorry to say but you really need to test, be patient and calm down. No one on this forum can tell if you're pregnant or not - only a positive pregnancy test can do that, so desperately trying to get us to say you're pregnant is really not going to help. Most of us here want to be pregnant, but sadly with that comes a LOT of waiting! Good luck, hope you find out soon! :)



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