Condom Broke Took 4 Birthcontrol Pills As EC Can I Be

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MissyC - May 20

Hi, I am not currently on the pill and 7 days ago the condom broke and every thing leaked everywhere in and over me, out of sheer panic I grabbed some of my old birth conrol pills (still within used by date) and took 2, then took another 2, 12 hours later. I don’t know that they are as strong as the normal emergency contraception you get from a doctor. The brand is Norimin it contains: Norethisterone 500mcg Ethinyloestradiol 35mcg Does anyone know if this would have been strong enough? My periods are due to start today, no sign yet. I have been feeling some of the usual pregnancy symptoms, but they could also be attributed to PMS. I don’t mind if I am pregnant, my fiancé and I would love to start a family; it’s just a little sooner than first planned. Any feedback would be great.


Jule A - May 20

I was given the morning after pill by my dr and still ended up pregnant with my first 16yrs ago, and was on the combined pill when I caught for my second nearly 13yrs ago, so the best form of contraceptive my dr perscribed for me was this, first put on every item of clothes you own, second place every item of furniture that is in your bedroom up against the bedroom door, third place your contraceptive pill between your knees and hold firmly and lastly make sure the other half is on the other side of the bedroom door. if that isn't the best contraception going then I don't know what is. good luck lol


karen - May 20

I would think 7 days ago is a little late to ovulate if your period is due today. Usually you can take a test the day you're due, but in your case it may be a little soon. I don't know about the pills.


julie - May 20

I have never heard of using birth control pills as emergency contraception...


J - May 20

Emergency contraception is birth control. Just a stronger dose. Before Plan B, the 2 pills you take 12 hours apart, they made you take 4 pills then another 4 pills 12 hours later of just regular old brith control. I would look up the ingredients of plan b emergency contraceptive and find out what it has in it. But you are probably not pregnant, but sometime life is funny.



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