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Jane - January 12

i am 12dpo and today i have noticed a slight brown/pink discharge, also when i wipe i am still getting the creamy white discharge that i have had since ovulation, dont know if AF is starting early or not, cant understand why i still have the creamy white discharge if it is AF???


jb - January 12

is it thick white discharge? i am 6dpo and have that and went to the doctors cause i thought i had an infection and he said it wasnt that in early pregnancy you can get thick white discharge. so i am taking it as a good sign, i wont know until the 22nd when AF is due. I HATE THE WAITING !!!! good luck to you .keep me posted. when is AF due for you?


johanna - January 12

AF is due around the 18th for me, and the waiting game is insane. i have a fair amount of white discharge, not super thick. i've also heard that it is pretty normal to have that after ovulation until you get your period regardless of whether you are pregnant or not. HOWEVER, if your doctor said that in early pregnancy you can get thick white discharge, i'm keeping my fingers crossed!!! good luck!!


mpg - January 18

I am 7 dpo and have also been getting white discharge. Glad to hear the doctor said that it could be a sign of early pregnancy! AF is due the 22nd also. I hate the waiting! I feel like I am completely obsessed with this whole pregnancy thing. No matter how much I say that I'm not going to think about it it never quite works out that way. Good Luck to all of you!


nurse nancy - January 18

actually its not normal to have discharge after ovulation until AF , after ovulation you tend to dry up some and if you are pregnant then you will see discharge become more and more, if not you tend to be drier from after o until AF.make sure the discharge is more creamy than thick.


Susan - January 18

Nurse Nancy, when would you expect to see discharge appear if you were pregnant?


nurse nancy - January 18

alot of women have said that they experienced discharge at 9- 11 dpo if they were pregnant. i am thinking that after implantation it occurs. but many women are different and have different symptoms. my biggest advice is to go about your normal activities (except drinking and smoking) and try to not think about it until you miss AF watch how much faster the tww will go by, even if it means staying away from the message boards until then, i know it sounds impossible but if you try , you will see it causes less stress and your mind wont play the head game. goodluck to you


Sheila - February 3

JB- did you ever get af or were your pregnant?? What about everyone else of this thread?


Liz - February 4

Hey girls :o) I have a question about the white discharge yall are talking about. Is it like a solid white? This is gross...sorry...but it kinda looks like it could be something that would come out of a face cream jar?!? That is the best thing I can compare the look to.....hope I didn't upset or gross anyone out by saying this. But it don't seem like a normal discharge to me?!?!?


wish - February 5

~baby dust~ & best wishes to all



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