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Unknown - February 2

I had s_x last wednesday on the 26th of january. Since yesterday I have had cramping on my upper stomach and around my bellybutton. Plus my br___t are a little tender. I don't want to get all stressed on this issue but, just was curious can you have symptoms this early and could I be pregnant?


Candy - February 2

Don't stress... it is probably too early. And where u are feeling the cramps are not usually a__sociated with early pregnancy - sounds more like a bowel cramp. Breast being tender could be a sign though... just wait till your period is due.


Unknown - February 2

I am having the cramps in the middle of my stomach over my belly b___ton and a little below the belly b___ton. my appet_te has decreased also due to feeling sick and feeling very tired. I usually get my periods by the end of the month and haven't gotten one yet plus I have alot of white milky fluid but, no smell...Im really not going to stress on this at all...I have had so many negatives so it's probably that but, was just only curious that's all.


Mera - February 2

My last period was 22 November (I was taking tablets). But I am a bit different because I don't get normally my period I usually take tablets to get them. Since then I didn't take any and of cource normally my period wouldn't come, but it's so strange because I have all pregnancy symptoms. You can see my belly bloated especially under the belly b___ton it is visible, I have heartburn, I feel like griping in my throat, I have nighmears, I feel extremely tired and I would like to stay in kauch all day long and take a nap, during the evening I have kind of nausea, while walking on the stairs I take heart, I have an impression that my face is swollen, some of the things that I use to like I don't like it anymore (smoking, tea without lemon, some main courses) and I feel full all the time but when I start eating I taste the food, my eyes are kinf of blurred and they look tired. I am very sensitive and I can cry in a second as well as my b___st are much sensitive than earlier. Sorry for writing so long but I tried to explain in details. Please give your opinions to my case. Thank you.


Candy - February 3

I know when I cramped in early pregnancy it was VERY low - like under the pelvic bone (where the uterus is). If you had s_x last on Jan 26 - and IF you are pregnant - your baby has only been attached to your whomb for a number of days. That can cause cramping but usually very low. I hope that helps! Are you wanting to be pregnant? **Baby dust** to you if u are!


Candy - February 3

Mera - Take a pregnancy test!


Grandpa Viv - February 3

Unknown, a clear or creamy discharge at a time of the month when you should be dry is a promising sign - can't be confused with AF. Unusual tender b___sts, fatigue, appet_te change/feeling sick adds to the picture. The bellyb___ton thing is weird, but it is mentioned occasionally. Cramping in the upper stomach might just be changes in your gut function, which would be normal. Keep your fingers crossed that you make it past your upcoming period, then take a test if and when it is a week late. Good luck!



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