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Nique - September 7

Hey, I havent talked to you guys in a while but im back with another issue. On August 13th I started using the patch. I also had unprotected s_x that day but my boyfriend withdraw before he ejaculated. He promised he didnt do it in me. He said he could feel when he was about to prec_m and so he pulled out in time. I dont believe him because I dont think a guy can feel prec_m but I dropped the issue. so time went on and i continued to use the patch and on September 2nd we had unprotected s_x again. This time he came inside of me. I figured it didnt matter since I was on the patch. So on the 4th of September I removed the patch for my patch free week. Everything seemed fine. I was feeling fatigued and my br___t were tender but I figured it was because my period was coming. Now it is Wednesday and it still hasnt come yet. I have been having a somewhat constant abdominal pain that is really getting on my nerves. I need to sort out what could possibly be wrong with me. My discharge is very thick and has a color to it now. It is yellowish and sometimes has a bit of an odor to it. Trust me, I do not have an STD I've been tested so I was able to rule that out really quickly. My lower abdominal area, like were my pelvis is, is swollen. I dont know what that is. Maybe bloating but thats why Im here. To ask you your opinion on what could be going on. Please respond ASAP. Give it to me straight. I want to know all possibilities so I'll know where to go from here. I am 17 and in college but before I involve my mom I would like to get some insight, so please be brutally honest with me. Please respond ASAP, its urgent!!!!!!!! Thanks, Nique


Krista - September 7

Hm...did you have unprotected s_x during your patch free week? Its possible that you could feel that way just from the change in hormones from the patch, and birth control can mess up your cycle. I would wait until your period is about 4 or 5 days late and take a pregnancy test. I suggest clear blue digital. Good luck!



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