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beth1 - March 4

Ok so I am a bit late on my period and have been trying to conceive. Thursday I took a hpt and it came out positive. I went and got 2 more and did them both that same day and they both came out positive, just a bit fainter. Went to the Dr. and had a urine test done that came out negative. Still have not started today and took another test first thing when I woke up and it came out clearly positive. I dont really have any symptoms except that I am moody. I am confused. Could I be pregnant or can you get that many false positves on a hpt? Thanks!


michelle - March 4

you are probably preg. If you took 3 tests all all pos. I would say that the home hpt's were more sensitive then the doc's urine test. And to make sure go get a digital test and if that says pg then go ask for a blood test to confirm. Baby dust to you and congrats. And I don't think you can get that many false post_tives. They showed up right way right? or was it after a certain time?


beth1 - March 4

No they all showed up within the time frame that the directions had. The one that I did this morning actually showed up right away, but I still timed it like the pamphlet said.


michelle - March 4

Beth if it showed up right away especially w/fmu then you are most likely pg. Again Congrats. And again to rea__sure your self take a digital. How long is a bit late on af?


beth1 - March 4

Only about 4 days late. But I am never late. I have a very regular schedule and I can almost pinpoint to the hour when I will start. If you get a blood test done, how long does it take to get your results? And thanks so much for your replies.


michelle - March 4

No prob. I'm not sure how long a blood test takes. I think you find out when you are in there, since they have the lab do it right away. At least in my clinic's office they do. Or you can go to a urgent care facility and request to have one.


beth1 - March 4

Ok I will do that then. I dont even know if we have an urgent care center here. Will the ER do one for you?


michelle - March 4

my er does have an after hour urgent care. I think it counts on the weekend. Of course you may have to wait awhile since they take the actual emergencies first.


beth1 - March 4

Well i am going to look into that and see what I can do. Thank you for all of your help and wish me luck!


michelle - March 4

Your welcome. And good luck. I hope you do go in cause if you are then you shouldnt be stressing any if you are or aren't. baby dust to you *******


AshleyPros - March 4

a blood test, the results come back within a few hours...I have had like 3 of them done. good luck beth, babydust!


babydust - March 4

anyone experience like night sweats during pregnancy? I'm just curious...and also how many of you guys have gotten a bfn but were still pregnant?


El - March 5

Hi, interesting, I had a night sweat the other evening and wondered if it was a sign too! any one had one out there and been pregs?


bellz84 - March 6

hey Beth i have been prg before and while i was preg i took 3 pergnancy tests first 2 tests said negative third test said negative then the doctor said she will leave it for a few more minutes then to my surprise came up positive very faintly.chances are you are preg if it was a clearly positive line. goodluck


angelinakai - March 6

i would say you are definitely pg. if you peed a lot that day that you went to the dr, it could have been less concentrated in your urine, and that is why it could have come out neg. i think you are for sure


lawgirl29 - March 6

have any BFP'ers found out late? I'm on 14 DPO and usually start AF on 13 DPO and so far no sign of AF but all tests have been BFN. ????


beth1 - March 6

Well it is official! I am preg.! Just got the results this morning. Not sure how far along yet, I go back to the dr. on the 15th. Thank u for your replies and support and I just wanted to let everyone know!



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