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JD - August 22

i am confused. i took like 3 or 4 pregnanci tests n they were all neg. but i have been experiencing alot of signs. some i have are a tingling sensation in my br___ts...they look bigger then normal and i have stretch marks on them, they look alil darker but i am not quite sure...but the nipples are alot bigger then normal...they also hurt on and off as well...i been eating like non stop...i have been urinating ALOT...i have alot of stretch marks on my sides...i been getting realli tired lately...lately i dont feel like doing nothing but either watch tv or sleep...i get realli dizzi lately and i get realli bad headaches...i get some cramps and abdominal pains (sorry if i didnt spell it right). i get backaches and nausea sometimes but not like everyday. i do have some diareah as well. lately...i been realli depressed n emotional. one minute i can the sweetest peach..the next i can be braking down crying my eyes out...and the next i could be wanting to rip someones head off. what does all of this sound like to you? do you think i am pregnant? i also been feeling bloated and heavy. i have not had my period at all this month yet either. i have like a buldge out at the top of my stomach and its like rock hard. please respond back and help me. thank you!


leah - August 15

hey, i took a pt todai n at first it came up neg...but alil bit later when i went to go throw it awai i could see the other line. it wasnt all the way there but it was there to where i could see the line. so am i pregnant then?


Diane - August 17



milissa - August 17

Leah not neca__sery some test say after 10 to 15 mins its no good. So I would take it again.


leah - August 22

hey...well my friend says that i still am pregnant becuz of how i could see that other line..but then again u have a point to...i am talking to my bf's mom to get her to take me for an ultrasound so wish me luck : )



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