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ksee - March 10

Okay I have missed my period since Monday and before I usually start, I always spot for about two days. This time I did not do that at all. About one week before I was suppose to start, I spotted a bit and it was light. I looked on my calander thought I was going to start early (one week early). After the spottting, I still have not seen my period. So now I am 5 days late, I took a test lastnight and it said NOT Pregnant. I have noticed I've been having headache, a little bit of nausia not much. And I have been so tired too. I don't have the sore brest. What am I to do. I can set my period with a timer thats how much I am always on time. Please someone help me.......................


AshleyB - March 10

Sounds like you may want to go to the doc and get a blood test. Or just wait another few days and test again. It sounds like you could be pregnant. Many women experience implantation bleeding which is a small amount of spotting about a week or so before their period is due. It's when the egg implants into the uterus. Some women don't ever get a positive on hpt's or any urine test. They need a blood test. You may be one of those women, or there is not enough hcg in your body yet to turn a test positive. It could be either. Or stress may be delaying your period. Stress, change in diet, excessive exercise, ovarian cysts.....any of those things will affect your cycle. But personally I kinda think you sound pg, Just wait another week or a few days and try again, if you still don't get your period, then I'd make an appt with your doc. Good Luck


Grandpa Viv - March 11

It's better to test with first morning pee. If you have a spare test, try again tomorrow morning. If money is an issue, wait until next weekend. Relativiley few pregnancies will give negative urine when 12 days late. Good luck!



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