Confused A Lot Pf Wetting Sore Painful Breasts

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amb - May 16

Hi Ladies! I hope you can help me. I'm not sure what to make of my last period. 5-6 days before April 18th I had two dark brown spotting in my discharge. I don't think it was O, because I already had it by then. My original due date for AF was for the 13th of April but came 5 days late. I just started getting regular AF recently, but my last one was really weird. It lasted for about 8 days, but wasn't have it and couldn't make up it's mind if it should come or not. During the 8 days I barely had bleeding, mostly dark and some of the times only visible with wiping. No cramping what so ever, which is very odd for me. I was moody like I always get before AF. Anyways I did HPT but it was neg. ----------This month (May) I had ovulation, which ended around the 8th few days after that I have been having tender br___t mostly painful, some headaches, upper and low leg cramps and I am very wet it's almost like I peed in my pants. My wisdom teeth hurts a lot and goes away soon so it doesn't stay long. Had some mild tommy cramps and backpain like AF is coming. I already check with hpt again but was neg. I would think my period is due around the 20th, because recently it's 30 days apart. You see we use the withdraw method and for years it has been very succesful for me and my dh... Any ideas? Is there a possibility of pregnancy?


MMM - May 16

i wouldn't know


Grandpa Viv - May 16

No idea what happened in April, but since you are able to identify O in May, obviously not pregnant at that moment. You may be getting pregnant now. Menstruation is always 12-16 days after O, no matter how long your cycle. Your period is due about May 22. Start testing May 28 at weekly intervals. Good luck!


amb to Grandpa Viv - May 16

Thank you! I will wait a little while and see if it comes, but the sore and painful bbs are so early for AF. I am having this for the past few days now.



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