Confused Implantation Bleeding But Dates Don T Match Up

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Oshie - January 30

Is implantation bleeding suppose to be continous???? when does implantation bleeding occure? Becuase if it is implantation bleeding.. the dates don't look like they add up.. s_x on the 6th.. 16th, 17th and 26th... (i read implantation bleeding starts approx 8 days afterwards?).... would having my period changes things???


Same Deal - January 30

I wanna know the same thing...If your period is supposed to come within the 3-12 days that implantation is supposed to occur would u then be getting your period or would u consider it your period or implantation?


Same - January 31

Which would it be then... Your period that you got or implantation bleeding that is occuring?? HELP PLEASE!


Oshie - January 31

well i had my period on the 19 and ended on the 24th... but as i said the dates don't look like they add up.. with implenation bleeding im very confused


Oshie - January 31

i read S's post and i had similiar symptoms and our dates are kinda same... however i had a bit of lower back aches today... and im not sure what is 'tingling' feeling.. but i had like 5 to 6 pinching sensation on my lower left side of the tummy today as well... anyways is Ovulation suppose to be continous? and Now Same deal is saying that implentation bleeding happens in 3-12 days? but i thought after the sperm and egg meet it takes about 7-10 days for it to travel to the fallopian tube and then implentation starts so implentation happens 8-14 days after you concieved? or Am i wrong? Majoly confused


Same - January 31

I dunno the exact days that its suppose to occur but i am saying that what if i am suppose to get my period within the time that i should be implantaion bleeding... When I do start to bleed is it my period starting or am I implantation bleeding?


Same - January 31

Or could it be both what if when you do start to bleed and you thinks its your period when its implantation bleeding- you think its your period so you dont realize untill a month later that you didnt really get your period that it was indeed implantation bleeding which means then u think your only a month but realize that your really two months Pregnant because of the reason you thought you got your period but it wasnt really- Happened to Me!!! Thought it was my period and came to realize it wasnt and i was a month further then I had thought!


ANYONE - January 31

I started have pink discharge then it turned brown for a couple of days then i had red blood for one day only and it was watery at the start of the day then went red a slightly normal the period was over a week early and only lasted one day what do u think???


Same - February 1

BUMP...Help to my question above Please!!!


BUMP - February 6



tell - February 17

If I did get pregnant on my period when would my period stop or if I had implantaion bleeding how would I know? If I had s_x on the 14th and am on my period now 17th when would I know for sure? I know bleeding is possible and rare to get pregnant but I want to be sure.



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