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mrs c - April 25

h__lo, i'm 33 years old. last month i got my af 6 days late and it only lasted for 3 days instead of 7-8. Lots of cramping the first day. Preg test before period was bfn. After my af was over I felt nauseus, my teeth felt soft, my br___ts felt tender, I was moody (even before the short period), upset stomach, lightheaded (a few times), and fluttery/cramp like feelings in my lower abdomen. This lasted for about 2-3 weeks. However, those symptoms stopped about a week ago. Then last week I had one afternoon of slight brown (mixed with cm) spotting - which would have been when an implantation bleeding occured. I feel like my belly if slightly larger and harder just under the belly button. I also since about a month back have an overall "funny" feeling in my body like i haven't had before. I have read here that several of you ladies had a bleeding that was af like, neg test and still pregnant. However, how come I felt like that, then stopped and then a slight bleeding when ib could have happened?? I am very confused. My af is due today, I only have slight cramping, but otherwise no sign. I would very much appreciate anyones input - i joked with a friend that i was having a phantom pregnancy! But seriously I am confused. (sorry for the long posting - but I had to get it of my chest and see what you ladies have to say)


Alex - April 25

When did you last do a HPT? It might be worth trying it again. It's strange to have a short AF unless you normally get them and all your other symptoms sound a little suspicious too. Good luck!


mrs c - April 25

thank you. I will wait a couple of days and see what happens and then i will do a hpt. does anybody else have any input???


mel - April 25

mrs c--i would go ahead and take an hpt....let us know what it says!


Les - April 25

You should definitely take a test! I have a friend who just finished telling me this afternoon that she got a period throughout her entire pregnancy. Let us know how it goes!


stacey - April 25

Wish I had an answer- but if I were you I'd start w/ a test! Let us know :)


bump - April 26




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