Confused Am I Pregnant

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Lorelai - August 5

I am on the pill (progesterone only), but had a bit of a sketchy month in July and forgot to take it a few times in the middle of the month. My AF was due 8/1 (based on a pretty regular 28 day cycle - previous AF was June 5 and lasted about 6 days). No AF arrived. Which got me wondering if I could be pregnant. Started getting cramps the day after my AF was due, quite severe for a few hours, but since they have become infrequent and light. Sometimes only a strange pressure like feeling. I took an early indicator test (supposed to work up to 4 days prior to AF vbeing due) on the day my AF was due and it was negative. Took another (this time a standard test) first thing in the morning 2 days later on 8/3. Still negative. Yesterday evening (8/4) I started to get a light pink discharge that has continued, but not got much heavier. No need for a tampon, even my panty liner isn't much needed. With the cramping and spotting I thought my AF was here, but the pink discharge doesn't seem to be turning into a full blown AF. Don't have any of the other symptons described by others here. I guess I should atke another test. But am wondering if I am just being paronoid. And perhaps even suffering froma bit of wishful thinking. Even though this wouldn't be planned, it also wouldn't be unwelcome. What do you guys think?


Grandpa Viv - August 5

That's a difficult one to answer. The pink spotting now sounds a little like implantation, but a couple of weeks later than one would expect. Could the sketchy pill schedule in the middle of the month have allowed a delayed ovulation? Maybe you will get more signs and a positive test a week from now, and meanwhile you have to worry about starting on the next pack of pills. Good luck!


Lorelai - August 5

Hi Grandpa Viv. Thanks for your thoughts. The implantation bleeding theory had crossed my mind but I dismissed it thinking, as you rightly pointed out, that it is quite late for that to be happening. I had cramping on 07/18, pretty much exactly the time I should have ovulated based on my 28 day cycle. (It isn't uncommon for me to occasionally experience cramping mid-cycle and I only recently connected that with ovulation after doing some online reading.) The only other thing I have to report is that up until yesterday evening I noticed that my body temp seemed to be higher than usual for at least the past several days. I haven't been taking my temp, but I had been feeling very warm at night and I couldn't sleep with the covers on me. My partner even commented on how warm I felt. That seems to have gone now and last night was the first in days that I could sleep with anything more than a sheet (which coincided witht he beginning of the 'spotting'). Also, in regards to other symptons. I had an unsuccessful preganancy a number of years ago, and reached 14 weeks without morning sickness or frankly any noticable symptoms what-so-ever (except for the increased peeing). Well I guess I just have to wait and see if this spotting become an AF, and if not, do another test in a few days. Thanks again! And if anyone else has any thought I would welcome them.



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