Confused And Anxious

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Kathy too - March 29

I'm so confused. Not sure if I'm pregnant or just hoping to be. I was 7 days late (I have a regular cycle of 28 days) on my af and yesterday I started with light cramping and a very light pink blood when I wiped, today I am now heavier with stronger cramping but its lower in my abdomin and doesn't feel like my normal cramping. This is abnormal since when I start my af its usually heavy and dark. I have had symptoms before I started bleeding which got my hopes up. I did take 5 tests and they all came up negative. The last one this past Saturday and thought maybe I took them too early. (I'm quite anxious to find out). Symptoms I have had is late af, clear fluid from my nipples, today looks like I have darker veins in my br___ts, feeling of nausea when smelling certain foods that didn't make me nauseated (spelling) before, headaches 3 days in a row and hungry more often, urinating alot more often and my bowel movements are more frequent and softer. My husband won't let me get another pregnancy test for a while because he thinks I'm working myself up and stressing way too much over it and is afraid I'm going to make myself sick over thinking about it too much. Unfortunately I NEED to know. I want this so badly! I apologize if I got too graphic in some of my descriptions.


Kathy too - March 30

My bleeding is lighter today so I decided to get another hpt this morning and will take it in a few hours.


sth - March 30

keep us posted!!!


Audrey - March 30

Kathy- You have some of the cla__sic early pregnancy symptoms. You might have been using the tests too early. Wait a few days and test again, or you can go to your doc for a blood test. Best wishes!


Kathy too - March 30

I took the test and it was negative again. I guess the best thing for me to do is just go about my life like normal and wait to see if anything else starts happening. I wish all of you the best of luck!



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