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Megan - May 10

I have been TTC and I have bd on these dates: March 9, 10, 16. On March 19, I got what I thought was AF but it was on and off the pad and not regular. It lasted for 3-4 days and my AF's usually last for 7 days. Then I bd on March 23 and 31. In April I bd on the 6th, 7th, 14, 23, 24, 25, and 26. The morning of April 26th (AF was supposed to come 10 days before) I got the same kind of "AF" mentioned above. And then I have also bd on May 5. I have many pregnant symptoms: nausea (especially at night!), cravings, my abdomen looks a lot bigger, so do my br___ts (my mom even says I look pregnant!), I have many blue veins in places I have never had before: on br___ts, on areolas, on sides, on abdomen, and on thighs. Also, my areolas have these bumps (that look white) all over them and my nipples were sore but they aren't now. Sometimes I am constipated, other times I have diarrhea (sorry to be gross!). And I have a lot of gas pains and not to mention heartburn and burping! I have been eating a lot too and whenever I do eat, my stomach feels crampy and like I am still hungry! What does this sound like to you ladies? Is it possible that I could be pregnant? Thank you so much and sorry this is so long!


Krista - May 10

Have you taken a hpt? If not, take one, or call the Dr. for a blood test.


Megan - May 10

Actually I have taken two ClearBlue Digitals, but I am not sure if I trust them. I took one on April 4 and then one on the 25th of April. They both said negative. I went to my Dr. and I have another appointment next Monday for a pelvic exam. She gave me prenatal vitamins too. She says because I have bd so much, it could be too early. So we will see....I am hoping for a BFP. I just wanted to see what anybody else thought. Thank you for your post Krista!


Bump - May 10



carmenmichelle - May 10

Sorry to be so naive, but what is bd? I am pretty new to the site. I have figured out a few of the abbreviations, but can't get that one?


To carmenmichelle - May 10

bd is an abbreviation for "baby dance" (or having s_x) You're not being naive cuz I wondered the same thing before!


carmenmichelle - May 10

HaHa, I like that one. thanks. :) I am not sure if you saw my ? on the board, but I am in about the exact same situation that you are and wondering if I should test. Good luck!


bump - May 10

bumpity bump


Megan - May 11

Anyone else have any opinions? Thanks!!



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