Confused And Worried

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A - January 31

My last period was Dec. 18, should have started on Jan. 16. I took a PT three days after I had missed my period and got a negative result. I figured ok, not preg. Well as the days and weeks had pasted I started to actually feel preg. such as being really tired, and when I would get hungry if I didn't eat right away I would get ready to get sick (extremely strong feeling), then for a couple days in a row nights would be really bad and I would feel horrible, another day might right nipple hurt like nothing I had ever felt before. I never thought I was actually preg. until I felt these things, so it's not like I was even thinking about it making my body feel like I was (read other postings). Ok, now the part that makes me worried...I don't really feel anything anymore??? Could this be a sign of an early miscarriage or something else wrong? I really don't know what to think.


A - January 31



Grandpa Viv - January 31

It's 10 days since you last took a test. hCG levels double every few days so if you are pg the level is now 8 times higher than it was. Try again, and if you miss a second period, call the doc to find out what is going on. I wonder if there is such a thing as a temporary hormone surge for some unusual reason.


A - February 1

Well, I took two pg test (one last night and one this morning) and there might have been a faint pos. line but it was so faint that it could have been my imagination...that's how light it was. When I first looked at it, I was like, ok it's negative...but I looked again, under the light, tilted it, turned it and that's the only way I saw anything. Anyone have any advice?


giovanna - February 1

i feel very tired alwaysgoing to washroom my pipi very yellow i threw up if i do not i have the feeling to throw up my friends say the pupil of eye is bigger then usual m i pregnant? what r the symtoms?



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