Confused, Hopeful And Worried

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Nocturnalbutterfly - October 3

Been ttc since June. My last cycle started Sep. 7th. 25 days is my cycle average, but it can be from 23 to 26 days, rarely 21 or 30. I ovulated (maybe) around Sep. 20th. I had sex Sep 19th. I’ve tested 3 times, today (Oct. 2nd) being the 3rd, all negative. My prediction apps have my next cycle starting Oct. 1 (which has passed), to Oct. 3rd. For a few days now I’ve been having mensural like cramping, which is typical for me to have ‘warning cramps’ a couple days before AF. But, the week after I had sex, I had slight cramps that lasted a few days, I kinda contributed it to constipation (though it felt nothing like my normal BM pains). Today (Oct. 2nd), the cramping kinda stopped. Now it comes in small waves and they really feel like AF flow cramps, but I’ve been monitoring the toilet paper after I use the bathroom to check for any red/pink to see if I’m spotting or any signs of AF starting. So far, nothing. I’m confused because my tests have been negative. I’m hopeful because it seems others have kinda experienced the same and got BFP’s. I’m worried because I think I’m being too hopeful and setting myself up for a huge let down. Has anyone with a similar cycle experienced what I am and got BFP? What DPO did you get it? Should I test again in a few days if AF doesn’t show? 


Nocturnalbutterfly - October 3

Also, I think I should add that over the last 10 hours or so I’ve been feeling slightly queasy. Not full on nauseous, just a little queasy. And I can eat till my tummy is full but an hour later feel hungry again, that’s been going on for a couple days. 


Grandpa Viv - October 3

Don't give up yet! Pregnancy hormone levels vary enormously from one pregnancy to another. Also the hormone doubles every few days. You have some encouraging early signs. Wait a week and test again using first morning pee. Other signs might include breasts, fatigue, appetite, discharge, peeing more etc.


Nocturnalbutterfly - October 3

Thanks Grandpa Viv. I’ve actually had sensitivity in my nipples since about Sunday, and that’s not a typical sign for for before AF, sore breast sometimes but not painful nipples (this is the second time it’s happened since June). My CM is what I’d call watery. Normally it’s dry or globby before AF, never noticed watery before AF. I feel like I’ve been peeing more, but without writing down when I go, I’m not 100% sure I’m actually peeing more often. I’m definitely fatigued, but I also suffer from insomnia, so that’s not a decent sign, at least not yet. I was going to test again Friday, but if that’s still too soon, I can muster up some will power and wait till next Monday. 


But thank you again for commenting, kinda solidified my hopefulness. 


Nocturnalbutterfly84 - October 9

Just in case someone reads this in the future scouring the net for answers like I was ....


Oct. 5th, I got super light pink discharge when I wiped. At this point, I’m about 4 days late for AF, so I thought ‘maybe it’s late implantation bleeding’, it’s possible, because I’ve never spotted before AF. I still had cramps off and on so, I just wasn’t sure. Oct. 6th, we had a family outing and I knew I’d be on my feet for a while, so as a precaution I wore a pad. That morning it went from pink spotting to brown. A gross looking brown, like deep mud. I used the bathroom a few times during the morning, and it remained the same. Then, some time in early afternoon, it got heavy (for spotting), but light if it was AF. At that point my heart dropped because I figured it was AF, it was just weird because of the stress of wondering if I was pregnant or not. Oct. 7th, cramps are gone, and it’s back to a light spotting of brown. I’m damn sure confused now. My body is being weird and I don’t know what to think. Oct. 9th, I take my fifth and final pregnancy test, on what could be CD33 (or approx 15 - 19 DPO). It was negative. It was unequivocally negative. It’s not what you want to hear, but it’s the outcome I experienced. I wished I could leave this for someone and have a happy ending, so whoever reads this has hope, and I’m sorry that’s not the case. But I know what it feels like to have questions and not find the answer. So, I figured I’d share the final result. 


But just because I didn’t get the BFP I prayed hard for, doesn’t mean you should lose hope if you’re experiencing the same thing, it’s still possible, stay positive. 


We’re going to keep trying after nearly a year of nothing but BFN’s and my body playing jokes on me. You should keep trying too. 


monikadavid - October 13

Hey, I am sure there is nothing to worry about. I do get why it's concerning and worrying you. However, you have to be strong and positive. I would suggest that you change your lifestyle. It's time you start eating healthily. Start to drink a lot of water. Also, wait for a couple of days and test again. It is mainly to make sure that you are right.



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