Confused Need Some Help Ladies

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kimmmy200459 - April 4

Ok so....I have been on antibiotics for almost a month for a dental issue...and my dentist didnt warn me that antibiotics interfere with I had been doing whatever going about my my period was suppose to start this wednesday and it didnt start until that night but it has been extremely light and it only shows alot when i wipe....after 3 days of this (today) i decided to get some I went to dollar tree and bought two tests...and one came out positive one was a faint positive line..and then i took an ept an hour later but i didnt soak it for 20 secs like the directions said i just dunk it in there and took it out because i didnt read the instructions so that one is kind of invalid at this point. But I am wondering..should i have reason to believe that may have gotten a false positive because it was dollar tree or what??? I am very confused ladies...I actually started crying when I saw the positives because my husband and I def. werent ready for this but if its true then its in Gods hands....What do you think ladies???could i be pregnant?


hope-31 - April 4

dollar tree hpt's are usually reliable but just no bells and whistles like the expensive ones. sounds like you are pregnant. take another test in a couple of days and call your doctor. do yo have weird or different symptoms that could also be signs?


kimmmy200459 - April 4

no thats the thing besides a light period and b___bs being tender i havent really had any other symptoms. i guess i have noticed me craving fruit but I wasnt sure if that just went along with the fact that i was suppose to start. I figured the dollar tree one would be pretty acurate though...i have a ept one that i am taking in the morning. Thanks for the swift response i really was hoping for one because i am truly lost at the moment.


mommylovesyou - April 4

keep us updated!


mommyof2tryin4#3 - April 5

i have two kids to show the cheap ones work(dollar tree test).


kimmmy200459 - April 5

Ok so today I took an ept and another dollar tree and got BFN's both times...I am so confused because yesterday it was BFP's haha...cant quite understand what my body is trying to tell me???


mommyof2tryin4#3 - April 5

well since your not really ready for a baby yet then maybe thats a good thing there negative but if your not sure make an appointment to see your doctor the medicine could hve just slightly messed with your af since u still got one just a little light but either way god bless and good luck


kimmmy200459 - April 5

thanks so much for all the advice...I really needed it. When the time is right I will definitely be sharing with you ladies:) Take care!


kimmmy200459 - April 6

Quick question....After seeing the positives on friday and seeing negatives on saturday I am still so confused about how i got positives in the first place. I remember that I put more than 4 drops in the test window which it said on the first one and I got a positive and i did the same for the second one and i got a positive....and for the ones on after that (that i got negatives on) i got is it possible that i put too much urine the reason why i got such clear positive results...or vice versa...I am just confused as to why i did get positives.. Is it possible that some tests vary with how much hcg they pick up. My husband and I actually got excited after believing that we could possibly be pregnant and now were really wondering whats going on??


kimmmy200459 - April 9

Well ladies..I had another test come out faint positive today so I am just going to go to the dr. because this is driving me nuts haha. Thanks for all of your help!


Applejax - April 9

I hope you let us know what happens!! I feel like I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for the verdict!! I just got my very first BFP a few weeks ago..:)


mommyof2tryin4#3 - April 10

let us kinow what happens! its really great to see a bfp me i' m in the 2ww so good luck


kimmmy200459 - April 22

Alright I have had a time these past couple of weeks trying to figure out whats going on with my body. I am a student still at UNCW so I went to the on campus docs to see what they said. They swore up and down antibiotics dont mess with your birth control..sot hat caught me off guard, but they went ahead and tested me and they came up with a negative. I went home that night took a test about 7:00 and got a I was like ok this is not over yet....2 days later I take another test and i am not sure if it was positive or not but I dont believe I saw anything. And now for the past 2 weeks I have seen this brown line going up to my navel get darker and darker...can anyone explain that one??? I am again going to the doctor this week to get a blood test...


kimmmy200459 - April 24

Havent heard anything yet...still waiting to see what you ladies think....


belle114 - April 26

kimmy.. when was your LMP? any updates!?


Treybugs Momma - April 26

I got that line on my tummy with my son!!! I think you are DEF preggo!! I have read alot of threads on here and alot of women seem to go to the doc and get negatives. I would call ur doc and get in there and try and get a blood test since they seem to pick up smaller amounts of HCG. I have also read that HPTs differ in the amount of HCG that thye pick up and two tests out of the same box can even have diff levels. So you should def get the blood drawn and checked!!! Hope you get the result you are wanting!


kimmmy200459 - April 27

Thanks sooooo much for the response ladies...I have been waiting a while for someone to give me some insight. I really appreciate it. Lately I have been feeling so tired but its only comes at different times...around the afternoon I get tired...and about 6:00 I get so tired almost to where I can barely stand it for the entire night. For the past month almost i have been falling asleep way earlier than my husband which is not normal at all I am usually the night owl, and I can fall asleep in a sec...which is good but I am realizing differences in my body. The only other thing is that brown line, and thats whats making me wonder. So I am definitely waiting until my next period is suppose to come which I believe is next week so I will let you ladies know what happens next week. Thanks for all your help:)



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