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wondering in bc - April 1

Hey ladiez i love this site very informative but here is my Q...i am 9 days sister says i'm pregnant my friend says probably a false alarm...and i'm not sure...i haven't really shown any signs that i am just lower back aches, what feels like cramps so i keep thinkin any day now AF is going to show, i spotted sunday(20th) very light didn't show on liner, again on thursday(24th)still very light didn't show again, and then on sunday(27th) dind't show on liner just very light, each day i thought this is it AF but nothing, i feel nausea is about it....the occasionaly headaches and i had heartburn for the first time in a long time today and it was bad.....i don't know what to think some of these are signs but yeah i've tested three times twice at the drop in clinic and once at home all negative :(...can i still be pregnant? or is my body just changin or something? i'm 22 years old...soon to be 23 on the 6th of april....someone please just let me know what you think....thank you!


grace - April 1

hi wondering...i wish that i had better advice to give you...however, i am going through the same thing, and i am not sure, i was told to test every week until you get a BFP...or until af. the light spotting, i think could be a sign that you are pregnant, but again i am not sure, i believe stress can also cause that, but dont quote me i am not 100% sure, so i would consult your doctor, or just keep of luck to you, and i hope that i have helped


wonderin in bc - April 1

thanks grace its a bit of a help my sister said the same thing about the light spotting. and i wish the best of luck to you to. not really stressin i did after the first two days of missed and first test but after awhile i mellowed and said to myself if i am great if i'm not thats ok too..everything will be fine but i go to the docs tomorrow(sat) to hopefully find out whats wrong with me haha....if i am i'm about 5 weeks according to this thanks as long as i know i'm not the only one...



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