Confusion Preggo Or Not

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sbea - June 23

Well I am 8 days late. I usually pretty regular. And if I am not, I at least spot first. The day after I was due for my period, I got some light cramping so I assumed that I was getting my period. The next day it actually woke me up. Not severe but cramping none-the-less. I did a HPT in the evening of day five of being late. IT was neg. Then I did one in the morning for my first void of the day. Neg again. around day 6 I notice my nipples were super sensitive. I have had waves of nausea. Nothing consitant. Every couple of days. I have been exhausted for the last few weeks and well it was around the time I got this appitete out of now where! I am not on b/c. We were natural family planning it. So I am just confused! I thought HPT are supposed to be accurate? Any suggestions?


mommyofdkt - June 23

Hi sbea....At this point i would advise you to have a blood test done. You are late enough for af now that something would show up in a quant hcg test.


sbea - June 23

I think so as well. however my husband wants to be with me and he is convienced I am not pregs. I might just have to do it anyways. Thanks.


sbea - June 23

now more light cramping. I am getting tired of the rollercoaster.


pebblesapbt - June 24

Im having the same exact problem. im two weeks late today and i havent had a period but the preg tests come up negative. so keep me posted. if you are, because im so confused on what is going on,


sbea - June 24

Well yesterday afternoon I started to get so nausous! I talked to my mom a bit. SHe is pretty sure. I am waiting until Thursday to try another HPT. Regardless if it neg or pos I am going to the docs to get some blood work done. (unless AF actually comes.)


pebblesapbt - June 24

like i said, keep me posted because if u are then theres a big chance that i am.


sbea - June 25

I did a HPT this morning and one last night...Both neg. Don't get what is going on???Come monday, not AF, I am going to the doctor.


pebblesapbt - June 25

let me know what happens at the doctor? im really curious.


sbea - June 26

I did another HPT last ngiht. the hubby was concerned. and Neg again! I doubt I am pregnant. but I probaly will since I must not have ovualated. ANd well we haven't had protected s_x...W/E. I just want the mystery to end. I will let you know what happens after seeing the doctor!



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