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JM - June 25

I know constipation is a sign of pregnancy, but how soon will it happen? However I am on an antibiotic right now but it doesn't list constipation as a side effect??? Any thoughts : )


Me - June 25

I am wondering this too, but also is having blood in your stool normal for constipation in pregnancy?


m - June 26

sometimes when you are constipated and you strain you can get a hemmorhoid which would cause blood in your stool. hemmorhoids are very common among pregnant women.


Jen - June 26

To JM, constipation is a very common sign of pregnancy. When I was pregnant almost three years ago, I was constipated real bad right on the first day of my missed period. Unfortunately, I ended up having a m/c at my 12th week. Trying to conceive again now but I know it is difficult because of my age. I'm 33 yrs old.


Tulip - June 26

Jen, That's not so old! Only 3 years after the last time you were pregnant! Have faith!


mellissa - June 26 mom got pregnant with my brother when she was 36...and i have a friend who was 38 when she got pregnant with twins. i wouldn't worry about your age. but i did hear the chance of having multiples increases as you get maybe that's a good thing? ;) good luck.


Jen - June 26

Tulip and Mellissa, thank you for your encouragement. My husband had a dream the other day about us having twins which I hope is my case some day. I know the chance for me to get pregnant again is very very slim. My husband has been working out of town for almost two years now and is scheduled to come home every other weekend. We only get to be with each other a day and a half every time he gets back in town.The fact that I'm not as fertile as before due to my age makes me worry even more. Any suggestions?


mellissa - June 26

i don't know how far out of town he is working, but maybe you can keep track with a opk and make some extra visits to see him when you know you will be ovulating. my husband is in the army so i know how it is wanting a baby but not knowing if he will be there to help you. lol. good luck and lots of babydust to you!!


Jen - June 26

Mellissa, my husband works for AAFES ( Army Airforce Exchange Service). So yours is in the army, hope he's not too far away from home. I got my period 4 days ago which was at least a few days early( very unusual). I have irregular cycle, and therefore always expect mine to be late. I have all the pregnancy symptoms now except sore b___bs. They were sore up until my period came. I've tried several home tests and all were neg. What do you think? Is there any hopes ?



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