Constipation A Sign

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Belly Acher - February 25

Is constipation a sign of pregnancy? I havent pooped since Sunday. :( Today is FRIDAY!! This is very unusual for me. Thanks in advance for the response... :)


kim - February 25

When I was pregnant with my second, I thought I would never be able to go again. I was this was for the first 3 months. I think it is a positive sign. Have you missed af yet? Try eating lots of fruit and whole grains, it doesa help a little. Raisin Bran works well.


SugarPie - February 25

Warm fruit juice and warm fruits. Raisins are where it is at! And dates. In my pregnancies constipation was murder and my first sign. How far a long do you think you are?


Belly Acher - February 25

I am due to have my af on the 8th of March. I want to take a test badly, but I fell that i am not going to show as of now. I a__sume that i am around 3 weeks. still early yet.


kim - February 25

I would wait until you miss your period. Women on here don't have much luck before that. Good luck to you.


Belly Acher - February 25

Thanks Kim. Thats alot of encouragement.


nica - February 25

Ever since I conceived I've been constipated, going only once in every 3 days instead of every day. Apparently when you are pregnant the bowel muscles relax and that is why constipation is common. So take it as a sign!


Jules - February 25

Wow! Thanks ladies! I haven't many other symptoms at this stage (besides sore b___bs) but I also haven't gone in nealry 5 days and it's killing me! Normally not like this and waiting for af around the 2nd.....


~m~ - February 25

I'm so glad to see someone start this thread. I am 5 weeks, and OMG my stomach hurts so bad because I can't poo! Then when I feel like I have to go, I'm scared to strain too hard. Can this hurt the pregnancy.... straining too hard?


Belly Acher - February 25

I have heard that it is not good to strain. I on the other hand try my best to do whatever it takes. I hate this horrible feeling of everything CLOGGED up. Thanks EVERYONE for the understanding and support! good luck to all of US!


Anna - February 28

omg i sooo know what you mean. Im like that too, when/ if i do poo its not alot and i feel like i have to go so bad!!!! Its terrible!!


bump - February 28



MandyD - February 28

Hey all, the girls are right about the juice and fruit. Anything with lots of fiber really. My sister drank apple juice when she was feeling constipated, and that helped her A LOT! Also, be careful straining, it causes hemhorroids - and when you're older, they can come back easily. BabyDust to you all!!


bmp - March 1




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