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Camilla - July 6

Hey girls..Thought it's time to start a new thread now, but keep our old t_tle going, Keeps our group together and makes it easy to pick from the list. Take care all C.


bump - July 6

bumping it up..


mandie - July 7

hello ladies its been a few days since i hae been on here... alot has been goin on..still bding even though o isn't suppose to be here til around the 17th or cycles have been so messed up that i don't know when i ovulate...So has anyone got any news yet?


Melanie - July 7

Mandie...sounds like the way to go when cycles are screwy: the more bding, the merrier! I think we'll go with Pattie's suggestion and bd cd11-20 just to cover the bases. Beth, good luck w/ the hsg... hope all looks perfect in there! I had one a little over a month ago. Sharp, painful cramps just during the times they were putting water in, but not too bad. Hang in there Dox, you'll be Oing soon again. I know that we're all pulling for you. Camilla, yep, it can be hard to picture that we're not covered in snow and ice all of the time! Such a big state, though...some areas are that way, while other parts of the state are rainforest! Not tropical, mind you.... There's lots of land available, even considering that only 1% of Alaska is privately owned, that's still quite a bit. I can't really compare housing costs from other states since I'm not familiar with them. We did look at some places in northern Idaho that were incredibly cheap compared to here. It varies so much, depending on whether you're on the hillside in Anchorage ($$$), on the seaside bluffs of Homer with lovely views of volcanoes ($$$), or out in the boonies or small towns (cheap). I guess the price range for an empty lot is somewhere in the ballpark of $150k down to $5k per acre, depending on where it's at. We've got a little cabin we're going to add on to (need another room for the newcomer!!!), we'll build a shop as well, then start on the real house! I've been getting ideas from drawings I've seen....there's one layout we like and will probably just have blueprints done with some changes. Building will be partly us, partly hiring out. My brother-in-law will be able to do a lot of it. So much time and money, though, it's hard to imagine it all ever being done! Also, the well driller should be coming sometime in the next couple of weeks, so I'm praying the well will have great water and not be too deep! Alright....taking up a lot of space here!


Tiki - July 7

Hey Ladies, sorry that I've been MIA. It was a rough weekend. We had our first cook-out at our new house that we've been at since Feb. It was suppose to be a small intimate cook-out with just a few family members. Well it turned out to be like a zoo. There were so many people there, people had invited other people. It was a mess good thing we had plenty of food. I was so worn out when it was all said and done. Then on Monday went went over my fiance's parents house and that like the continued version of the day before. Needless to say I called in on Tuesday and slept all day. It's funny because I love to wine especially at social setting and I just knew that having this cook-out would be a tease for me because I wouldn't be able to have a gla__s of wine. But it turns out that I didn't even miss it. I have to go to the dr. today to finally take a blood test to confirm I'm preggers (as if 3 + hpts weren't confirmation enough), and then I have to go back on Saturday for another one to see if the numbers double, and then I have my prenatal registration on Monday with the nurse. I just pray that everything goes well and there are no issues with the pregnancy. When I went to the dr. today all she talked about was miscarriages. I was like dang I know that it's proper procedure for her to make me aware of that, but good grief does she have to dwell on it. How are you gals doing? Camilla to answer you question I feels strange being pregnant almost 12 years later because I can't remember anything from that pregnancy and I was much younger so I'm sure I won't be able to breeze through this one like I did that one.


Pattie - July 7

Hey ladies, found that website I mentioned in the other thread hear it is Mandie - check out this website. TIKI - I was wondering where you went. Hope your feeling well. A whole day in bed. WOW. Good for you. Tests will be just fine don't worry. Nurses can be so insensitive sometimes. Like duh you dont already know aout the m/c's. Well, cd12 for me and still nothing. Last month I already was at High on cd12. Who knows. Hope all the other ladies come on over.


Camilla (frustrated) - July 8 is everyone? I should almost not be writing in today, because I'm having one of these negative moments, where I just don't think it's gonna happen. Now I do have great kids already, but I would love another sibling close in age to my little one. I'm not exactly getting any more 'juvenile', so I do feel some sort of pressure. Of course then I think, help, pressure is bad, just tell yourself you've given up, and fool your body into getting pregnant. Kinda like those cases, where a surprised woman suddenly exclaims; 'Oops, I'm pregnant, just when I least expected it. Just when I'd totally given up!'..So.. here we go...'Dear body..I'm not expecting to be pregnant at all right now, I'm not expecting anything at all...- now see what you can do...' :)


Camilla - July 8

Mandie, no news really. Lots of bd'ing, but not exactly sure when, or if I ovulated. I know things were looking good this month, but then all 'o' symptoms disappeared, and I'm not sure what happened. I guess I should temp to know for sure, but..hmm..I just thought it would happen anyway. With my last pregnancy (I m/carried in October), I just got preggers, with no real effort whatsoever, in fact it was a surprise! Ha, this time no such thing as a 'surprise'. It'll be hard work..:( Melanie, your acre prices sound pretty good, here house prices have doubled in just 5 years, it's amazing. I love the idea of building our own house one day, pouring over plans, designing it ourselves. That would be nice. I'd like lots of large open rooms, fireplaces, wooden floors, large yard with lots of trees. Doesn't sound too bad, does it?! I really like our house now, but it's not ours that we built ourself, that'd be cool. What kind of shop do you want to build? I'd love to run a business from home, naturally a very successful one...:) I can combine motherhood with business flair and creative success. Oh well, right now I'm trying to create a baby, so we'll see how creatively successful we'll be...So, when you buy a piece of land, you have to put in your own well first? Pardon me for my ignorance..It's nice you have family close by to help out. Tiki..I think that you can still breeze through pregnancy, it just depends. There's nothing to say, that it won't all go really well. I do think it's easier to have a new baby, with an older child, because the older one is already quite independent. I had my first babies very close together and it was really hard work, though worth it of course. About the nurse and her 'cheerful' dwelling on m/c..really sounds like she's been in the job too long. Sometimes people can lose their enthusiasm, because that's what her actions look like to me. We all know we can m/c, but what's the point practically expecting it from the outset? Oh, well..How did your blood test go anyway? Did you get exact levels, or was it just a 'yes/no' type blood test? Hope it all went well. Pattie.. when you say 'nothing' you mean that you got 'no line' yet on the OPK? I'm not sure how they work really? Do you feel your body is getting ready to 'o' though, any other signs? Well, girls...guess no one said this is going to be's to happy babies for all..


Tiki - July 8

Hey ladies,,,Mandie good idea keep on bding at least every other day that way when you o the little swimmers will be there ready and waiting. Melanie--Wow Although building you own home does seem like lots of money and work I'm sure it's exciting as well. Hopefully I will get to experience that one day. But like Camilla said the prices of houses have gone through the roof I wonder over the past few years. Is this what we can expect in years to come? Camilla and Pattie--Thank you for your encouraging words. Doxtator- How's it going girlie? How close is everyone to the BIG O? Open up your hands because I'm b__wing all of you guys lots of baby dust.


Melanie - July 8

Pattie, thanks for that link...good info on O. Tiki, I agree about that nurse - good to provide you with all the info but, sheesh, let you enjoy the magical-ness of a very special time! Camilla, Hang in there, eh? My last 2 pg were easy too....not even trying. Now that we're giving it a whirl, what gives??? Your home ideas sound just perfect to me. What I call the shop is really just a big garage, separate from the house.... the man-den! The roofline will be extended on one side and walled in for a workout room. That will be sooo nice! I'm trying to think about creative self-employment ideas too. I do some artwork, so maybe something along those lines. I also sing and play acoustic guitar. I'm just getting out there and performing a bit this year. Both the art and music are a few bucks but nothing like a regular paycheck. I guess every little bit counts! Might be able to do enviro consulting p/t from home....I dunno.... nice to look at all the possibilities. The well thing - folks w/in the city limits are connected to city water, but far more people are further out and have their own wells drilled. We're 8 miles from town. It's best to drill before you build, but water in this area is hit or miss, and we figured we'd move on to find a bigger piece of property, so we never drilled. Well, here we still are after several years, and we bought the lot next door for a nice buffer zone, so, anyway, time for a well, by golly! I should O sometime between yesterday and Wed...seem to be getting wetter....maybe some ewcm??!!! Never thought I'd be so excited about cm!


Beth - July 9

Hi Pattie and Ladies: Just checking in again. Well I guess standing on my head won't work for me know. I had an HSG done (it wasn't as bad as I thought) and they couldn't see my either the surgery didn't take, or I have scar tissue, or who knows...I'm just devastated. It was hard for them to do this because my uterus is retroverted, angled toward my back so don't know if that was part of it. So I guess, I'm out of the game for now. :(


Beth - July 9

Sorry for the typo, " for me now...".


dea - July 10

I can respond now-- boy do I feel better! It has been tough not being able to talk to you guys!! Well- this month I am trying the Robitussin- it does seem like my cm is a bit "dry" sometimes. I'll let you all know if it works! I am 2-3 days away from "O". CAMILLA- keep the faith and vent as much as you need to! We are here to listen...MELANIE- good luck with your well... we built a house last year and drilled- we got lucky the first time-- this summer we shall see how long it can last w/o rain-- it's been pretty dry lately and we keep our fingers crossed for some rain!! TIKI- how are you?? PATTIE- don't worry if everything doesn't compute the same as last month-- you know how quirky our bodies can be!! Any sign of "O" yet?? BETH- sorry about your uterus and all...hope the drs. can help. ~~DUST to your girlies~~


Pattie - July 11

Good day ladies. Well, day 16 for me. Tested Peak Fert. yesterday and had terrible cramps on my left side this month. I always feel it on my right side and coinsides with my fert testing. I just need to spermies to meet up the the eggies. Of course, I went to the beach yesterday and say two preggers and one little blondie cutie little girl. My husband almost melted and said did you see her? I said, DUH! of course. I must have an automatic scanner. Anyways, DEA - glad to see you back, Im glad to see my advice worked. I accidently posted it as your name. BETH, I really dont know what that means, is it both tubes. Dont you OV from both every couple of months it changes? Dont give up and stay here and hang in with the rest of us. MELANIE - gladd to help. That's what we are here for, right? I know I have the same thought, even my m/c in Nov. I wasn't trying for that prgncy, although it ended in m/c, I still go pregger. None of my 4 children I have, did I plan. SO HELLO. I don't know. Ladies, bring me up to speed, who's on what day? We changed posts and I forget who's on what.~*~* Baby Dust~*~* to everyone


Melanie - July 11

Beth, I am so sorry. Was the previous surgery on both tubes? You said that you're out for now.... does that mean another surgery could do the trick? I sure hope so. It's definitely a big bump in the road, and that just sucks, but I really hope the docs can go in there and get things spiffed so you can be ttc again. Big hugs to you. Dea good luck with Oing & BDing in the next few days! Pattie, yaaaay, peak fertility and side pains! Sounds good! I'm on cd13. For my normal 28 day cycle I would O tomorrowish, but not sure since last two cycles were off. BDed Wed, Thurs, and last night. Missed Sat and Sun, being out on a backpacking trip. Too pooped, and really rainy the second night. So hopefully no egg appeared on those days! I used to always get O pains but have noticed them the last couple of months. Odd. Didn't manage to do the O strips on the weekend (and no 2nd pink line on Thurs or Fri)....oh well, will resume today. Hope everyone had a nice weekend.


mandie - July 11

+-hello everyone...thanks pattiefor the site i went on there a few days ago and it said i should o between the 12th and the 25th..but i'm still gonna bd every other day even though its been everyday and i'm trying to tell the hubby that we shuldn' we weere at a wake on thursday and he decides to tell me that he really doesn't want another am i suppose to do now? first he wants one then he doesn't(rolling my eyes).......i also heard that if you have unprotected s_x for a year and you don't conceive then there is something wrong! I didn't have my 2nd kid until 4 years after my first then another four years to miscarry in may...all without i don't know what to think..i mean i had a couple of ultrasounds done when i had the miscariage and blood work done you would think if there was something wrong then the doc would of told me ..right?So it looks like i might be out of the pool here if i don't conceive this month..and then we finally agree not to have one it will happen..right?Well anyways i'm out for the day .peace and baby dust to those of you that have a sane hubby...hehehehehe


Camilla - July 11

Hey girls. I reckon I'm 7dpo today, though same as with Melanie, I did not get the really distinct pains but normally do. Got several twinges on the left one night, on the right the next..but not that one 'big that's it' one. Instead, like last month I went to sleep. So, I don't know what happened while I slept. I don't know either, if I only get those pains when I do ovulate, or if I could ovulate without them. Can't help thinking that I couldn't. I read that only 20% of women get those pains, and I tell you it's pretty 'handy' that I do. It's just, when I don't feel them, I'm left wondering. Oh well, can't do much about it. No signs to report, some cm. I found this interesting, but pretty technical site on the hormones involved, when you ovulate. It also explains, why you sometimes have short cycles, why long, and what it can mean when you spot or bleed early. Here's the link, though I have to warn you, it's only interesting to those, who don't mind getting down to the real nitty-gritty of things. (I'm somebody who's interested in all that hormonal detail stuff :) Here's the link.. Remember, this answer box kind of messes up the addresses, so if there are any odd - (minus) signs in them, take them out, when you copy the address. Anyway, going to read what you all said, and reply in a separate post...



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