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Camilla - July 28

'Hips up, legs up'..round 4.


Beth - July 28

Heehee...found you guys...yeah maybe Hot Chicks, was too sa__sy...gotta make the best of it, right? Well for sure AF is here to stay, so I'm out for this month...will try to touch base every now and again and around O time especailly. +++Baby Dust++++


Camilla - July 28

Beth, you cracked me up with your suggestions!! 'Desperate housewives' ha ha. Sorry about AF but here's to another month of trying, huh?! It's hips & legs ups for me now, I'm on cd 8 now I think, so we are gearing up again. I can feel things changing..'bubbling' up again..We'll see. I'm determined *not* to think about it too much, pretend I don't know it's won't work, lol. Pattie, I'm sorry about your visiting aunt again, tell her she can't stay with you next month!! But, I'm glad you sound a little more upbeat than last time. You know this is another cycle, and another chance!! Maybe relaxing by the pool did your eggs the world of good...and they are willing to mate this month! Anyway, glad you had a good time. Beth, about the cm..I had cm both when I was preggers, and when I wasn't. I couldn't really tell by that, so who knows. Wish we could though..Interesting you knew AF was coming Pattie, just by knowing temps had dropped. Saves taking a test I s'pose..Dea, I just re-read what you wrote last time, and really admire your hubby for his persererence. Despite clicking heels and idle chit chat, he still managed to fill the cup. Or whatever they fill, he he. are you doing? Any sign of AF or are you still waiting? It's nearly you're nearly late?!!! Hope you're doing ok girl. Mandie, you're testing too again, right? You tested early last time, so there're tons of chances single lines turn double, just like Melanie! Mel, your symptoms sounded like the ones I had when I was preggers, clear d/charge, slight cramps, did you have that last time too? I wonder if thirst is a pretty reliable sign, have heard it mentioned many times now...Anyway,'s soo late...gotta go to sleep!! Talk soon, C.


dea - July 28

Checking in ladies!! Missed you all the last couple of days. Temps been dropping last 3 days so AF should be here today or tomorrow at latest. I'm going to call the drs. office today and hopefully get some info about DH's spermies. I can't wait any longer. I give him a lot of credit too-- we are still laughing about the whole thing. MELANIE- wishing you a healthy 9 mos. I'm sure you are cautiously optimistic. Let us know how the 17th goes. PATTIE- I'm sure that sun did your eggs some good! Yup- when that temp drops at least it does prepare you for AF's grand arrival! On a side note about eggs- my SIL just "donated" 13 eggs and was paid $4000! Geez- if my eggs would only cooperate so nicely! ha! CAMILLA- it was one of those platic cups you usually pee in at the drs. office. And- they request that you not "spill" any!! Like you can control it that much... But DH did great- no spills... and we didn't have to report anything missing the cup (because they need to know if the sperm-rich "first ejaculate" made it into the vessel). Boy- who knew I could learn so much about human reproduction this past year. So ladies..... remember that the most concerntrated part of the sperm is in the pre/first-ejaculate that your gentlemen release. Just an FYI!! MANDIE- patience is a virtue (unless ttc!) you are still in the running for this cycle! My cm is pretty creamy/wet after O so I can't use that to judge if preg. in acheived. Let us know!! BETH- sorry about AF. Starting the cd cycle again- sucks, I know... Great checking up/in with you girls--better luck to those of us ttc this month! Healthy pregnancies to all others. ~~~Baby Dust~~~


mandie - July 28

Well stillno af and i'm on day 34 but my temp has dropped to 96.8 and when i woke up i started having mild cramps so i think she is on her way which i don't understand because i did bd every other i guess next month if hubby is up to it i will temp and check cm and maybe do the o test..if no i guess i'm out the pool for good...Hope evryone else has better luck than me...laters


julie - July 28

hi my af is due between 30th july and 4th aug could I wait with you girls? I am temping as well plus have lots of pg symptoms ie cramps (for a week now), mood swings, b___bs bigger and achey (normally they burn and can't be touched), clumsy (not the norm),high s_x drive plus other symptoms, I would normally start feeling like af is about to show up but I don't have her normal advance symptoms. my temps are all over the place this cycle and they are not my normal fairly level temps, I have been charting for a few months now and me and hubby have been ttc for 13/14 months, we have had 2 m/c nov 04 and june 05. could you have a peek and see if you can make any sense out of them? the link is below thanks.


Mel - July 28

Beth, you've got some wonderfully creative t_tle ideas! I thought maybe Positive Thinkers or Ready and Waiting...... sorry to hear that you're out this round. Camilla, have fun with O time! I don't remember the discharge last time but did have the mild cramps. The thirst really tipped me off this time....when I felt it early in the weekend, I thought a bfp might be on the way. I usually drink a good amount of water, so it's odd for me to feel so ridiculously parched! Pattie, Mandie, and Dea, I am sorry to hear about your temps dropping. Wow! Eggs go for a good price!!! Julie, welcome! Sounds like some promising signs. I haven't done temping so I can't help on that. Several of us have m/c a time or two (I did in Dec and March), and there's a range of how long we've been ttc, so you're in good company. Hppefully this is your month after that long wait!


mandie - July 28

Ok now i am totally confused..i usuually take my tempts 2 or three times a day since ttc,when i wake up in the mornings ,lunch time 12 noon,and around 6pm...was 98.6 yesterday at noon and now its 98.3 so basically they have been around the same every lunch time....oh well, i'm not going to read much into


Beth - July 28

Hey Gals: Camilla, Mel: Yeah, I wanted to have some fun with this one, because sometimes it can be sooo depressing, ya know. Someday I want to look back and have a good laugh over the whole affair, like Dea and her DH. I agree ladies, I already have two kids, but I feel like I'm learning a lot more this time round. Funny before never really gave it much thought, then blammo! I'm preggers, now I like have OCD about it. Ladies, always good information! Let's keep pluggin away...(mind the pun) heehee


mandie - July 28

I'm baaaaaaaack ...again..only to say i just got done eating and i started cramping right in the middle of my lower tummy and right side..kinda feels like af right after i start..dull but very bothersome and then i felt like i wanted to throw up..still feel wet like af is coming..i bet anything i wake up in the morning and there her ugly face is....whhhhhaaaaaaaaaa.....


Pattie - July 28

Hey girls, Im here too. Just checking in, but cant talk. Hope all are well. Talk soon.


dea - July 29

hey girls- MANDIE- stick to never know? Have you HPT yet? Because I find that is the easiest way to get my AF to show up. A BFN then here she is! JULIE- welcome to our thread. My DH and I have been TTC for 14 months, too. Sorry about your m/c. Does it help at all to know that you are at least able to get the "sperm to meet the egg"? We have had nadda-- more on that later.... PATTIE- CAMILLA- hanging in there with you guys. AF here since yesterday- the temps don't lie!! Look like cd2 for me. CAMILLA- enjoy your "o" and the "o" that hopefully goes with it! MEL- any "bigger" signs at this point? OK---talked to my drs. office yesterday... the spermies are low in count, have poor mobility and enlarged heads and irregular tails. So- basically anything that can be wrong with his sperm is... We have an appt. with a specialist on 8/25. DH is on beta-blocker for high blood pressure (can you believe that? he is only 33! stressful job...) I have been reading online that is can effect sprem counts and shapes and mobility. Hopefully he just has to switch meds and everything will be as it needs to... Talk to you guys later..~~dust~~


mandie - July 29

nothing going on today except my constant back ache, i also realize that only after my af was suppose to arrive with my other 2 did i get a bfp so i'm still hoping...on day 35 now i think af should be coming around on the 1st or so, temp is still 98.3 this morning it was 97,i think i might test today but kinda iffy about where is everyone at this morning i kow it's tgif come on girls get your lazy b___ts outta


Melanie - July 29

Beth, I'm up for whatever fun name someone decides....maybe whoever starts the next thread can make the executive decision. Mandie, you sure are having some possible symptoms! So hard to tell, since a lot of things a similar bet pms and early pg. Argh! Dea, those poor little spermies! I hope a change in meds does do the trick. Further symptoms....hungrier and thirstier than usual, a fluttery little twinge that comes and goes, which feels similar to some of the feelings that come along with a UTI, ... loose, ga__sy bowels (always a fun one!), just a short bit of heartburn the night before last, and (drum roll, please) some waves of nausea the past two evenings, definitely worse last night. It seems a bit early for the nausea, but I can't imagine what else is causing it! Anyway, doing well and glad it's Friday.


mandie - July 29

Well i am officially bloated and cramping,any second af should come and greet me...for me it usually takes bding when i am this far into my cycle for af to arrive and we did last night so for sure she will be here....if that is the case i will be out of the baby making pool for good...i hope all you other gals have better luck than me...BEST WISHES


Camilla - July 29

Well, I kind of liked Beth's 'Hips up, Legs up' t_tle maybe with the AF came 5/28 added. I think it's funny, - just don't want to attract toooo many newcomers. Things is, if you just have a generic t_tle; like 'hot ladies in waiting', then you can't really keep this group together, you get loads and loads of newbies too. And too many can make it difficult to keep track of who's who and what's going on. What I like here, is that I actually 'know' everyone here, and how things are going..I lalso think that's why other threads that have names on them, manage to keep going for ages. Anyway that's just my humble opinion. I really like this group, and I like remembering how long ago we started chatting on here. Anyhow on the preggers-maybe-baby front, I'm on cd 9. Dh noticed; that y/day and today those swimmers, didn't want to leave my body. He said, he looked, ha ha..and they were just snapped up by me, hardly any leakage. I think that's a good sign, cuz I know that at other times, those spermies are kicked right out again! So we'll see..As Dea and Beth said, it's about fun and o's don't just stand for ovulation, so we're just going to enjoy. Melanie, nausea has never sounded this exciting, lol. I think it sounds like a great sign, like the HcG levels are rising nicely. Can't remember when are you getting your blood test results? I've got to go and help out with the BBQ, so can't read back right now. The ga__sy thing, hmm..lots of gals mention that too. Personally, I don't remember it, but maybe dh does...;-) Dea, sorry about the challenged swimmers...but it sounds hopeful that you can do something about it now know where you stand and how to tackle it. So, tons of good wishes to you..Pattie, where are you? How are you doing? Counting the days again, you'll get there girl. Mandie, I can't remember why are you out for good if AF arrives? But she still hasn't come, right? I'm sorry ladies, if I've missed somone or something, but I gotta run...take care all C. PS: Julie, welcome!! Things sound good, will look at your chart soon.


dea - July 30

Hey everyone- I agree with Camilla about our group. I like that I have learned about all of you and definately feel a personal stake in each of our situations. Continuing as we have been is just fine with me. This will be my last check-in until next week. We have an out of town wedding to attend. I am looking forward to it... Enjoy the weekend ladies. ;o)



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