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mandie - August 3

Hips UP Legs Up Girls.......Have Fun


Camilla - August 3

Mandie, found you! I just replied on the other thread, but now I see we have a new one going. Cont., we've been going at it for a while...Wonder who our next BFP is going to be...Who's next due for AF? I'm about 3dpo I think, so I still have a while to wait. Dea..the wedding sounded lovely. I'd love a great occasion to wear a beautiful dress, I'm in a plain T and skirts (in the summer) most of the time. About the 'what's the use'..don't give up just yet. I've read on here, that some ladies have gotten pregnant, even when they were sure their dh's sperm was 'retired'..Sometimes, it just works, and who knows why. But even if you do have to wait a little, Christmastime would be a perfect gift wouldn't it?! Wonder who of us will still be waiting too. We're here for you, pregnant or not! Hope you're all well.


Camilla - August 3

just bumping this one up over the old thread


mandie - August 4

still no af and got a bfn this morning....


Melanie - August 4

Hey guys....I've just been sick with a cold and sleeping as much as I can. I tried doing the work thing today but I'm giving up and heading home to curl up! All's well....progesterone level was great last week; waiting for this week's results this afternoon. I'll have to catch up with you later!


dea - August 5

CAMILLA- thanks for the truly helps. I am a few days from "o". But- this month I am going to time our first BDing as close to the day as possible- maybe that will help with the counts ...One thing though- knowing that the sperm works against us has given me a sense of "freedom". I have a gla__s of wine when I feel like it, I have stopped temping this month ( what a relief that is!) and I am as relaxed as ever. Probably because I now know that there isn't anything more that we can do from this end-- we have done as much as possible. Now- it will be up to science to help (a little nudge from the Big Man upstairs wouldn't hurt either!) The 25th can't come any faster... MELANIE- have you told anyone your expecting yet? If so- what were the reactions? MANDIE- I have read that "o" always happens 14 days before AF. So, with your long cycles that could be what is happening. I don't know how accurate that is- I have found with temping that it is pretty darn close for me. EX: if my cycle is 30 days long I usually "o" on day 16. Hope everything is OK. Drs. can be a pain in the b___t! are you girls? Anyone have any new news?


Pattie - August 5

Hey girls, found ya. I've just started working this week, so been a little busy/tired. I started watching a 4 month old baby boy. I use to have a home daycare, and watched 9 children, of all ages. Mostly little ones. Just started up again. Any who, I'm on cd12 and gearing up to BD like crazy. Were going to try the morning and evening thing every other day this month. Other than that, hangin in there. Hope everyone is well. Melanie, hope you feel better, get as much rest as possible. Check in later, have a great day.


Pattie - August 5

Melanie - I had to go back to the other thread, I know that your AF has not shown up yet, are you BFP? I missed that. If you are, CONGRATS honey, Im sorry, I missed that.


Melanie - August 5

Pattie, yep, it's yipppeeee for me....bfp last Monday, one day before af due! I can certainly understand how you could have missed it.... it can be so hard to keep up on everybody around here! Dea, I'm not holding out at all on telling people. I haven't gone so far as to wear a sign or have a plane fly over with the good news trailing behind, but I do mention it to those around me. Those who know I'm on round three offer their thoughts and prayers, which I figure can't hurt a bit! Speaking of, I'm hoping Mr. Man upstairs will give those sperm a nudge for you this month! My progesterone levels went from 35.1 last week to 26.1 this week, so I'll now do the progesterone 2x/day rather than the once I've been doing. The doc wants to keep it above 25. Hcg was 288 and went up to 2588, so that looks like good doubling. Whew! So far, so good. Sounds like a few 2ww coming right up!


Mel - August 5

Oops, not 2588, it's 3522!


mandie - August 6

Well guess what.......Still NO AF for me...i can't stand it...but i like the bding.... hehehehe....


Pattie - August 7

Hey girls! Been busy, sorry didn't check in today until now. Thanks for the info Melanie, and thats wonderful for you. :-), CONGRATS officially. cd14, OV tomorrow or Tuesday for me, had great CM today. My DH and I keep trying to skinny dip in the pool at night, but those darn kids wont go to bed early enough, for me to stay up, to go in. OMG. Hope all are doing well. DEA - you must be at OV like me. Beeeeein BUSY, right? MANDIE - way to go honey, keep it up. How many days is it now? Hope you get the BFP this month. Saw three preggers today, how come I dont see any, any other time of the month? Whats that about? Ladies, good day and be well. Chat later and lots of ~*~baby dust~*~ to all of us this month and healthy days ahead for all you new preggers.


mandie - August 7

And her we are day 44 of my cycle and still no af..haven't been bding as much but the pain in my ovary is still there but not as bad....hoping everyone else is having better luck than me...


Camilla - August 8

Ladies..can't believe I haven't written in for a few days. My house has been a little crazy recently, had one set of visitors, they left and got another 3 new visitors instead. 2 are leaving tomorrow, so that leaves only 1, so gives me more time to check in on this site.. Mandie, so sorry about your crazy cycle. Just hopes it means that you are going to skip AF altogether for this month, and are ovulating right now. I'd bd away like you are doing, cuz you never know. Have you tried any of those ovulation strips? That might help pinpoint what's going on. Good luck to you and dh with this month. Dea, all this newfound relaxation you are talking about, might just lead to that unexpected BFP?! You are o'ing about now, right? Enjoy your vino and hope that baby dust settles on you real soon. Melanie, any particular signs yet? Tired at all? Pattie, sounds like you could be having a great time cooling off, if only the kidz would let you..But how are you going to put your legs n hips up for half an hour in the water? Well, either way, sounds like fun! Our neighbor had a pool put in, wonder if his wife is ttc too? :-) Great about the cm, may it fast forward the swimmers where they belong!! As to me, I'm on cd 7 tonight, felt all sorts of 'unmistakable/foolproof' signs for the first week, followed by no signs at all now. But I do have cm, quite a bit, whereas I do remember being dry last time round. Does it mean anything at all?? Hmm..only time will tell. Talk to you soon girls, C.


Beth - August 8

Hi Ladies: Nothing special to report, just this is my fertile week. I'm worried about Mandie, have you gone to the doctor? Do they know about the pain in your ovary? I don't want to scare you, but is it possible you have an ovarian cysts? Anyway, hoping you feel better soon and have answers one way or another. Wishing ++baby dust++ to all of us!


mandie - August 8

yes beth i have been almost every month that this happens and they don't know what it is.When i had the misscarriage thet took an ultasound and said my ovaries looked fine..blood work came out negative with anything being wrong, but i was told that the pain is from me being really late all the time, cause usually when i do have "normal" period it does not hurt, and i have been experiencing this pain for almost 5 years whenever my af is really late..Funny thing is ,is that when i do get af the pain only lasts for 2 days then its gone...completely....I haven't taken a test in almost 2 weeks cause i know what it's gonna say....i'll give myself another 2 weeksfor af to come if notthen i guess i need to go see a specialist or


Melanie - August 8

Sounds like a fertile time out there, ladies! Oooooh, Camilla....T-minus one week and counting. Let it be your month! Mandie, good lord, how frustrating! Might be worth seeing a specialist, really. I haven't had too much in the way of symptoms....just sore b___sts, tender nips, and little growing pains now and then down there. Really looking forward to u/s next Wednesday (did I mention that already once or twice or six times?)! Just so scary, you know. Just want to see that things are looking as they should. I've been really tired, but I think that's mainly due to the awful cold I've been struggling with for almost a week. It's finally on it's way out....whew! I'm excited to hear some hopefully very positive results around here in the next 2 weeks!



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