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kat08 - November 9

First day of last menstrual cycle was Oct. 13, 2007 Had unprotected s_x with husband Oct. 27 and Oct 28. My period is not due for a few more days. But I've been having extremely bad headaches, nausea but no vomiting, my br___t are very tender (like you wouldn't believe). I've felt physically drained. A couple of days ago I had cramping pains in my uteriues but those went away within about two days. I know it's still early but could I be pregnant? And is so, when is the soonest I could take a hpt?


Missy - November 9

IF your cycle is "normal" and IF you had s_x during your fertile time, you could be pregnant. IF you Ovulate on or about CD14 you could have gotten pregnant. I would suggest waiting through the weekend and testing next week with First morning urine. Hope that helps!


kat08 - November 9

Almost forgot yes my cycles are regular.


mjvdec01 - November 9

Get a first response hpt, you should be able to find one with two in the box. I would wait and see if you period starts over the weekend. If not then I would test on tuesday, and then again on friday. If it is still neg on friday, I would call my OB and get a quant_tative HCG blood test. It will tell you the exact level of HCG in you blood stream, you do not want a qualitative test- it will only give you a preg. not preg. result. Let us know. :}


Grandpa Viv - November 9

Your s_x was right on the money and your signs are quite promising. Dollar Store tests work as well as any for a fraction of the cost. Buy two, and run one first morning pee when a "normal" period does not show, and the other a week later to confirm. Good luck!


kat08 - November 10

Update..........Since I posted my question yesterday I have noticed that I have v____al wetness. At first I thought it was my period starting but to my amazement it wasn't. This is not normal for me days before my period is due. Can anyone tell me why this is happening? Is this a sure sign of being pregnant (I have no clue)?


mjvdec01 - November 10

it's not a sure sign, but it is definitely a sign. just make sure you test on tuesday and then again o friday to be sure. If AF still doesn't show and you are getting negatives then you should go in for a Quant_tative blood test. Good Luck!!! :}


Grandpa Viv - November 10

"Wet down there" and "running to the bathroom thinking AF..." are common posts for early signs. PLenty of women do not get positive urine until 2 weeks late, a few later. As long as you are taking prenatal vitamins the only reason to rush to the doc any sooner is to satisfy your curiosity. Good luck!


kalibby - November 10

well im just about in your exact position and kind of wondering the same thing my last period was 23rd oct now im getting cramping which has lasted on and off for the past 3 days very tender brests slight nausea we are trying for a baby #5 we have 4 beautiful i think my body is so tuned to being pregnant im noticing signs very easily ive also discovered this morning that im having alot of thick clear discharge let me know how you go i took a preg test but it came back neg i think its much too early im going to wait about another 3 days but these symptoms are definatly pregnancy signs i know them all too well


kat08 - November 12

Well much to my amazement my AF showed up late late Saturday night. I'm just puttin this off as my body just wasn't ready for it to happen yet. Of course my husband and I are a little disappointed, but hey there's always next month to try again. Thanks to everyone for your advice.



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