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NEED HELP - November 12

ok i am 20 years old and me and my boyfriend are trying to get pregnant i got off my period 27th and we had s_x on the 28th 29th twice on the 31st nove 5th nov 7th and nov 9th and i have read alot of place if you are really stressed out that could cause you to not get pregnant i told my boyfriend this and since i told him that he has broke up with me everyday then he calls back and says he loves me then he will break up with me call me a whore then call sum LITTLE 14 year old girl up and then he will call me back sayin he loves me and this just goes on every day coudl he be tryin to make me not get pregnant since stress can do that and what should i do about him???


- - November 12

This is just my opinion but don't you want to have a child with someone who will make you both feel special? If he doesn't want a child then he doesn't want a child. If he does, it sounds like he's not ready for one. I've heard stress can make you miss your period, I've never heard stress can make you not get pregnant. ;o)


Christine - November 12

It sounds like you need to get rid of him...he's definately not grown up yet..especially if he is trying to talk to a 14 yr old girl...thats jail time for him...wish you luck


- - November 12

Sweetie, this man doesn't even know how to care of himself, I think if you go on with him, if he sticks around, he wont be able to take care of the two of you! I would wait for someone that you know that you know is going to love you and y'alls child! If this guy keeps blaming you and accusing you of cheating on him, I think that shows a huge insecurity and that's a red flag! The name calling toward you is abusive whether you realize it or not (red flag). Don't want to get pregnant to get needs met, wait until you know it's totally worth it! If you need anyone to talk to you came to the right place!


m - November 12

oh goodness, I don't want to sound judgmental. But it sounds like this guy has very little respect for you, and it sounds to me like he IS NOT serious about having a baby, or even having a relationship. If he's screwing you over like this now, can you imagine being at home with a child while he is out catting around? Just think about that. If you want a baby w/this guy, go for it, but please know in advance that you are probably going to be under a lot of stress and that isn't good for you or baby. And also, sounds like you'd be raising it alone. In MY OPINION, I think you'd be happier if you waited until you were with someone who loved you as much as you love them, and someone who is more grown up! good luck!



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