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autum - January 31

i'm not expectecing AF until feb 10, however i already have a DS who will be three in may, i am right now feeling the same sympotms as did with him, today i had some discomfort on the right side, could it be implantation, there was no spotting,just sore, i do feel full and itchy, O on 27 of jan, did BD all around that time, but he never was inside to finish (not to be gross i like it on my belly) could i be PG


Grandpa Viv - January 31

It's difficult to imagine all that s_x play without some sperm ending up where it wanted to go. I'm thinking you must have ovulated earlier than Jan 27th to be feeling signs already - how did you come up with that date? Four days post ovulation would be a record. You could get more signs in the next week, but testing before the 15th might be a waste of money. Good luck.


To Grandpa Viv - January 31

Do you have children? I have read alot of your responses and find them very inaccurate... I am now 7 wks and had the same symptons 5dpo so it can happen.. I find it difficult people taking your advise as your not a woman so you really don't know anything about a females body.. I know people will react badly to this cause they all love you, but really i don't care as you told me once they symptons i had were PMS and like i said i am now 7 wks... so ladies I would talk to pregnant woman..


autum - January 31

Af was jan 13, 14 days after I O which would be Jan 27 im guessing but could be 13 or 15 days after ,BD all that time, OH yes and recently went off the pill, same as with DS, off the pill and pg the first week, that may have something to do with it, cyclesis out of whack but i feel it, iknow something is going on


Val - January 31

What do you mean itchy? I ask because the skin on my belly and side was really itchy all day.


autum - January 31

just itchy, like no matter how much i scratchd it wouldnt go away, or i would feel bubbles, i think its gas, but went through the same things with my DS when pg with him


bump - February 1



l - February 1

whats better blood or hpt?



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